Sister Wives Season 7

The TLC channel is going to present another regular season of the reality TV show under the title “Sister Wives”. The confirmation has already come to please the loyal followers of the project. So, we can make predictions of the possible launch timeframe of the seventh installment.

General info

The series we are going to discuss now is referred to the programming list of the American channel entitled as TLC. The story that unfolds there is about the life of a polygamist family.
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The production of the series is fully on Puddle Monkey Productions and Figure 8 Films, the companies which employees have been working hard on shooting the series for you. The particular names of the executives are Timothy Gibbons, Bill Hayes, Christopher Poole and Kirk Streb.
The launch of the first episode was held as far back as in 2010. Currently, we have six installments at our disposal. The latest debut was set in the previous September.

What are the concept and the latest developments of the show

The series revolves around Kody Brown and his four wives. Thus, together they form a very unusual family. There are 17 children in this social unit. Their lifestyle corresponds to the unconventional aspect of their family.
So, the watchers are given a chance to penetrate into the daily routine of the unconventional family.
Right after the premiere episode, viewers could also watch the special episode called "Best of Sister Wives Tell All" that was broadcast at 10pm.

Polarized reviews

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The series was accepted with rather mixed commentaries appearing towards its worthiness on television in general. The polygamy itself is not to liking to everyone. There are large masses of people who are against all this. On the other hand, some viewers can’t get enough of the show.
The polarized situation, however, does not influence the series future – the developers keep producing it.

Catching up with the news

The previous year was pretty successful for the TLC channel. Getting traction, the channel has renewed a bunch of shows and series that are reckoned to be the reasons for the network to garner such rating number in the amount of viewership averaging in 1 million people. That is rather inspiring. And thus, we have the resumption of the series under today discussion. It was announced during the upfront presentation.
The sixth installment has just bowed out but we feel much anticipation already about the appearance of the seventh cycle. Nevertheless, we have nothing to surprise you with so far as the Sister Wives season 7 release date remains so far unknown.
The prediction is such that we can be pleased by the emergence of info at the start of this upcoming fall. The release of the whole chapter is expected by us to be also planned for November 2016.
If you are a follower of the project, you should follow our service I order to get to know each update in the situation of the show. Stay tuned and you will never miss any kind of info.


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