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Vocal shows have become an essential part of modern television, and one of such projects popular among the viewers is an American TV-show “Sing It On”, where participants compete in the art of singing a cappella. Nowadays it’s well-known that season 1 of the show ended with an obvious success, and the information submitted by the creators of the series will be pleasant to all its fans: “Sing It On” season 2 will be released on July 27, 2016. This article will focus on the specifics of the show, its creators and terms of release of the next season.

Plot Specifics

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This project deserves viewers’ love not only due to the quality of the music they play and the professionalism of the participants, but also because of the atmosphere of friendship, mutual understanding and some kind of rivalry. The basis of the series plot is a competition where representatives from the three music colleges carry out casting and choose singers capable of masterful performance in the genre of an a cappella singing. According to different opinions, “Sing It On” has some similarities with the famous “American Idol”, where singers also show off their vocal talents. But unlike this contest the participants of “Sing It On” have to not only sing, but also organically fit into the team they are in and where they will be working for a lot of time. This very form is interesting for the audience, when competitors are forced to not only compete with one another, but also to find common ground for a productive cooperation.

Characters and Series Ratings

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The companies responsible for “Sing It On” broadcasting on American TV are CORE Media Group and Get Lifted Film Company, one of the leaders in the sphere of television technologies.
The participants of this TV-show not only compete; the series is full of both jokes and drama. The rules of the contest provide friendly relationship among the participants, because the unity of the group largely influences the success of the performances. As it has already been mentioned, season 2 will be released on July 27, 2016 and will include 8 episodes lasting 60 minutes. Today viewers are able to get information about the main teams competing in the international championship of an a cappella singing: Hexacords (UMass Amherst), Faux Paz (University of Maryland), S#arp Attitude (UMass Amherst) and Off The Beat (Upenn).
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Season 1 of the show received positive feedbacks from both the audience and critics. This is evidenced by its popularity and rating, as the program received a score of 6.9 on the world famous site IMDB. According to different critics’ points of view this project has a lot of chances for becoming one of the leaders among all the song contests, especially if the continuation is appreciated by the audience. The creators of the series guarantee the continuation of this fascinating story, which was received with enthusiasm not only by younger generation, but also by adults who know a lot about the art of singing.


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