Shock Trauma: Edge of Life Season 2

It is a documentary that features the work of the medical staff in one trauma center. The shooting of the series is possible due to Susan Hannah Hadary. John Anglim assists her in creation. The team of producers is composed of:

  • Jessica Baroody,
  • John Anglim,
  • Susan Hannah Hadary,
  • Jessica Lowther,
  • Joi Shilling.

The cast is spearheaded by Thomas M. Scalea working as a general surgeon.
Shock Trauma: Edge of Life Season 2 Poster
The freshman season release date is known as January 1, 2016. The distributor of the series is the Discovery Life channel.

Following the Hard Work of the Medical Staff

At the Shock Trauma Center, there are only the most difficult medical cases from the whole state if Maryland, as here the most proficient staff works no matter whether it is a nurse, surgeon, physician, or a resident. All of them form a close-knit team that operates in unison.
The creation crew of the series is allowed to penetrate into the process of saving lives. The show is completely unscripted with the dramatic events often unfolding in an unpredictable way.
In each new episode, they show how they are able to win the race with time applying the maximum skills and opportunities to save lives of people. The success in treatment involves the majority of medical cases yet you should be prepared for the fact that sometimes the medical workers face the inextricable difficulties, as they are not gods and cannot make the Mother Nature work in a contrary way.
Shock Trauma: Edge of Life Season 2 Spoiler

Reception of the Audience

The drama-packed show has been received much positively. It is gripping and inspiring for people. The humanistic approach in narration just adds to the chances of future renewals. So far, however, we have nothing to say about the fate of the program.

Bearing Hopes in Our Hearts

When will the Shock Trauma: Edge of Life season 2 release date will be revealed ultimately? Is the resumption destined to be confirmed ever? When can we expect the exposal of at least some info about the second season premiere?
It is much probable that the info is around the corner since it is high time for it. Stay tuned if you are enthusiastic about receiving info regarding this project! Do not miss the announcement of the second season air date!


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