Shipping Wars Season 8

With the seventh season premiere in the preceding spring, nothing has been said since then about the future of the TV show “Shipping Wars” that is narrating of unusual carriers that take care of non-standard loads. So let’s wait for some time as there is always a hope lurking in us that the show will be renewed.

Making a sketch of the TV show

A talented team of executives is working on the project with already a long history titled as “Shipping Wars”. This past January we could celebrate its four-year birthday. But with the latest seventh debut, silence has covered this TV show. So nothing has been said since then about its fate.
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The broadcasting of the show is the matter of concern of the A&E channel in the USA. The TV show is created specifically thanks to Neil A. Cohen, Graham Davidson, Elaine Frontain Bryant, David Stars, Jeff Keels, Tom Mireles, and Jonathan Nowzaradan. These people are known for them carrying out their executive duties in such projects as Appalachian Outlaws, Texas Car Wars, Paranormal State, Pawn Surprise, and Marshal Law: Texas, as well as some others.
Premiering for the first time in 2012, the series now includes seven seasons with about 12 episodes in each one.

What is the idea?

The concept of the story is rather unusual and even a unique one. Find a TV show that is narrating of carriers that are responsible for non-standard loads. Surely, it would be a baffling problem.
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Their sphere is not as profitable as it might seem at first blush. Failures and unexpected situations are on the watch for them. Decent profit happens but not so often.
It makes us conclude that delivery service is a hard challenge to accept it. Here in the series, we are able to assure ourselves in this statement. Confrontations and fights for orders do not lead to success very often. But it is the only way for the carriers to get a profitable load.

As for the feedback received from audience

The seventh chapter turns to involve as well Mark, Jarrett, and Jennifer as the traditional owners and also two new ones – Chris and Robbie. Chris’s truck is working on vegetable oil! How could you imagine this? So gasoline is not his source of energy needed by his vehicle. He managed to create this system himself contributing to the growing of his profit in such a way.
Shipping Wars Season 8 Cast
While Chris exploits his unique vehicle, Robbie, his friend as well as a partner in this service, is responsible for orders, balancing her business duties that lie also in planning out the best routes, as well as duties of a mother of a charming son.
The viewership is steady enough to conclude the necessity of the further development of the project. The amount of watchers per episode constitutes as for now about 2 million people. Is it sufficient? How do you think?
As the situation unfolds, we have no confirmation about the eighth season. The Shipping Wars season 8 release date is also undefined. So let’s follow the series info and wait for some news to come off.


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