Shark Tank Season 8

Americans are fond of reality projects and every producer does his best to make his own show unique and highly anticipated. The same happens with Shark Tank reality show episodes. This project started in 2001 in Japan, in 2005 in GB and in 2009 in the USA. That’s an international format where, of course, no sea animal was hurt. Shark Tank is truly dangerous for the shy owners of the projects they need to develop. This “tank” is filled with “sharks” from the word of people. Who are they? Read further for more info or switch to ABC Channel official webpage to see everything on your own.

General Overview

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That’s a reality TV project started on the 9th of August 2009 and broadcast by ABC Channel. The original idea belongs to the creators of the Japanese project of the same format internationally called Dragons’ Den. The task of the participants of the show is to create successful business presentations for the investors. In the end, the investors choose the most successful project and invest money in it. There are 7 season in the show with 151 episodes in total.

The Format and the Crew

The producer of the project is Mark Burnett. He borrowed the original idea from the Japanese reality show created in 2001. There’s also a British version of the project created in 2005. The investors act as “sharks” in the show. They are Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary and others. They are potential investors ready to invest a large sum of money into a successful project. The participants share the idea working on most creative presentations possible. The entrepreneur gets nothing if he or she doesn’t manage to catch the investors’ attention.

Shark Tank is one of the most dramatic and dynamic reality projects on TV. The ”sharks” are quite harsh seeking for faults in the entrepreneurs. They point out their weaknesses rarely expressing patience (though some of them try to make the rejections sound softer).

Critics’ and Viewers’ Reception

The critics point out that though the action mostly takes place in the conference hall, the participants manage to create a truly tense and memorable atmosphere. The show was received positively cause it teaches how to survive using your brains and self-confidence in the world of crashed economy and desperate bankruptcy of businessmen truly successful in the past.
The ratings of Shark Tank are getting higher with every upcoming season and each episode of the 7th season was viewed by about 9 million viewers. The show is surely breaking the records of American TV!
Shark Tank Season 8 Cast

What Shall We Be Waiting in Future Updates?

The seventh season of the show finished on the 20th of May 2016. Ready for the news? Unfortunately, the exact release date of the 8th season of Shark Tank is unknown yet. Good news! ABC made an official announcement (on the 3rd of March 2016), that they a surely going to continue the filming of the project, cause it gets more and more popular with every upcoming season. Stay tuned not to miss the info about the upcoming 8th season!


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