Shahs of Sunset Season 6

As it is known, youthfulness is a time of fun and foolishness, a time when one can get the most unforgettable experience and make friends for the whole life. But it is especially good when in a young age one has the possibility to afford a lot due to the large amount of money. And just such youth for the past five seasons has been shown by an American reality series Shahs of Sunset, which has been broadcasting on Bravo channel since 2012. This show became popular immediately after its start, and not long ago the last episode of the fifth season completed. The fans of the project who worried about the fact when new season two is going to be released, may breathe./ easily: Shahs of Sunset season 6 is renewed — release date to be announced. The renewed season air date will likely be known when all the conventions are met and the terms of the return of the program with its new episode will be approved by the producers.

Authors Crew

The pilot season premiere took place on March 11, 2012. The latest fifth part started on April 10, 2016 and included 17 episodes – this is the biggest number of episodes for the whole period of broadcasting. The number of the episodes in the next season is still unknown.
Shahs of Sunset Season 6 date release

The crew of developers responsible for the coming season release date and all the previous air dates consists of professional executive producers. Among them are worth noting the following people:

  • Kris Curry;
  • Ryan Seacrest;
  • Adam Sher;
  • Brandon Panaligan;
  • Pete Tartaglia;
  • Susie Gibson;
  • Eric Gardner and a few others.

Shahs of Sunset Season 6

The company producing Shahs of Sunset is Ryan Seacrest Productions; the channel which will certainly present the sixth season start is Bravo.

Plot Review

As the cast in the series a group of young people of Persian origin is represented, but they are those who have long been living in America. Their flamboyant lifestyle is liked by many viewers who love watching the series, because one neverknows what to expect from young people with lots of money and ambitions. In addition, the show displays the families of these young men and women, their way of life and traditions. When season six is presented, the creators will continue describing the lifestyles of these people, various interesting facts and details of their lives.
Shahs of Sunset Season 6

Current Rating and Soon Continuation

Despite the series has a large audience, its rating on IMDB is quite low (4.7/10). Maybe such a figure is a result of very long terms of broadcasting or very provocative format, who knows. Anyway, the program is officially renewed, so stay tuned to get finale news about an exact date of renewal and receive the schedule of an upcoming sixth part.

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