Sex Sent Me to the ER Season 3

The embarrassing show on the TLC channel is not hurrying up so far to appear on screens in the form of the third chapter. The idea is good, as the reviewers state in their commentaries, yet it has turned to be spoiled by the editing that makes people waste their time when following episodes.

Production and Broadcast Info

The series under today discussion is a new TLC program having aired since December 2013. The latest debut was held in the previous December. Yet now, nothing is known of the future of the project though it is high time to announce at least something.
Sex Sent Me to the ER Season 3 Poster
The reality show is a product of GRB Entertainment. The executives are named Mark Marinaccio, Michael Branton, and Philip Day.

Following the Unusual Concept

Have you ever experienced injuries during sex? Even if yes, they are supposed to be not as serious as in the cases presented in this show. Their nature is diverse starting from those induced by a direct result of reckless behavior and ending in experiences that are stupid enough and could not have been even foreseen.
All cases are reenacted by professional performers yet the interviews are held with real persons. The variety of cases is sufficiently diverse. Among the most terrifying, there are the cases of a 440-pound man who has put his girlfriend’s head through a wall, a woman suffering a two-hour orgasm, and a man who has broken his penis while having sex with his wife and his girlfriend.

What is the Reception?

The concept of the real-life project is rather controversial at its core, if to speak frankly, is not it? Thus, it has led to mixed reviews with many people considering that it is too much to describe the intimate moments of pairs. Less conservative viewers find the show encouraging. So, why not follow the stories of people that can teach you something in order to avoid such stupid consequences of having sex.
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We cannot but agree that the story, as well as the audience’s desire for sexually charged material, are eternal. The ratings are healthy with about 2 million people garnered with the release of each episode.
The reviewers find the show decent yet consider that the improper editing spoils it. Four segments included into one hour with constant repeating of scenes that have been already watched by the audience in an episode are too much for them. If improving the editing, everything will be okay and the audience will not complain about the wasted time.
What is your opinion towards this program? Is everything to your liking or do you prefer to stay away from shows of such kind? Let us know your impressions in the comments below!

What are Chances of Renewal?

The production of the story seems to be put on hold, as of today. There is no available news regarding the fate of the third installment. We should not hang down our heads, as it can be only a break in creation, nothing more.
Let’s keep waiting for the news from the developers. Stay tuned with us in order to get notified in time.


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