Selling It: In The ATL Season 2

As the current situation offers to us, we need to wait for the verdict that should be carried out by the producers of the channel titled WE tv. With a pioneer season being brought to the broadcast end, the serial stays on the bubble still. But let’s put our thumbs up hoping for the news to be obtained in the near future.

Reporting about main aspects of the project

Selling It: In The ATL Season 2 Poster
Recounting about female real estate agents in Atlanta, the new serial under the reference “Selling It: In The ATL” is made as a reality project broadcast on WE tv since its premiere at the beginning of November 2015.
The serial is reckoned to be a joint venture of two fabrication studios including World of Wonder and Kingdom Reign that have embarked on creating it on the order of its home channel.
The serial is now consisting of one pioneer season that is in its turn composed of six episodes lasting for about an hour.
It shouldn’t be also left without attention that this very project presents a part of the franchise that includes also such shows as Cutting It: In The ATL, Mary Mary and Braxton Family Values. All these story are highly related to the Atlanta community. Incidentally, the first mentioned co-project is a unanimously acclaimed hit that is narrative of the work in hair salons and is in possession of the steady viewership being evaluated in 4.5 million watchers.
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With regard to the core of the story

The serial tells the real unscripted story of seven ladies that are motivationally strong and glamorous at the same time. They have got their own stories that differ greatly in fact but this very project turns to unite them in their mutual professional ambitions.
The thing is that they serve as real estate agents. Their clientele is composed mainly of wealthy customers living in the developed city of Atlanta. This business comes to be overwhelmingly profitable with the buyers being able to become the owners of the most luxurious houses.
They are not working in one harness following the competitive idea of the project. They are enthusiastic about becoming the best ones in their sphere but separately on their own. The very interest of the story is by what means they are aiming to achieve this peak of popularity among clients? In order to get to know this, you are welcome to watch the pioneer season already available in its entity.
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Keeping abreast of the situation

The freshman season has been accepted as a show with above-average perspectives. On IMDB, the scoring constitutes more than 7 points from 10 thus making us sum up that we can watch new episodes sometime in the future. If to take into account that the serial was put to airing at the end of fall, we could expect the appearance of information concerning the Selling It: In The ATL season 2 release date as well as the announcement of the resumption of the story moving closer to the end of this particular summer.


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