Rugged Justice Season 3

Reality TV projects are great because they’re non-scripted. They are filmed without actors and it’s a wonderful chance to experience real emotions in tough situations with real people. It’s a nice possibility to feel what would happen if that exact person were you. If something in the show goes wrong, it becomes educative. The project we’re talking about today is called Rugged Justice. That’s an American reality TV project concentrating attention on the police officers patrolling Evergreen State. The officers are members of Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. The show managed to last for quite successful two seasons.

What is This All About?

The show is filmed in the State of Washington. It looks more like a documentary series and follows the activity of State of Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Almost every day these brave people deal with new challenges. The territory they protect is extremely large – there are mountains, rainforests, beaches and wild rivers. It’s about 42 million acres of land with dense forests. This police department receives more than 200,000 calls a year. The policemen have to deal with wildlife, people missing somewhere in the forests or in the mountains, illegal hunting and fishing. They also have to help wild animals get back to their natural habitat. Rugged Justice show is in its 2nd season demonstrating the rugged justice of North Woods laws in the State of Maine.
Rugged Justice Season 3 Poster

The Opinions

Rugged Justice is a very picturesque project mixed with active criminal actions, stories about wild animals and ways to deal with illegal activities in the woods. Each episode shows a day spent in struggle to make the life of a certain area better. It’s highly educating for the viewers of all ages, that’s why it’s extremely interesting to the large number of viewers. It’s very instructive about things you should and shouldn’t do while you’re out in the wild.
However, quite a large amount of viewers feel a slight disappointment – the second season isn’t fully concentrated on wildlife problems. Lots of people say that the wardens are inattentive and indifferent. They aren’t doing their best in order to protect that marvelous wildlife of the American Forests. However, the viewers hope that the show will make some progress and develop in other states all over the USA.
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What about the third season?

Animal Planet has officially confirmed the renewal of the show for the third season, but the release date hasn’t been announced yet. We’re probably going to get premiere episodes of season 3 in September 2016.


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