Rocky Mountain Law Season 2

Today’s center of attention is a reality project about police officers bearing their duties in Colorado and other states situated in the mountains. The unusual project was released in July 2015 and lasted for 8 episodes. Rocky Mountain Law is broadcast by National Geographic Channel. It’s a chronicles of police officers’ everyday life filled with real dangers and intense situations. All of this is wrapped in a majestic and gorgeous surroundings of Colorado.

Short Overview of the First Season

Each episode has an original title that shortly describes the things happening in there (Midnight Mountain Madness or Contraband Corridor for example). Officers are used to absolutely everything starting with domestic violence and disputes to horrible murders and drug dealers. They participate in manhunts using snowmobiles and skis, which means that they’re physically fit and ready to prevent the hardest of the situations protecting local residents.
Rocky Mountain Law Season 2 Poster
The officers bravely deal not only with suicides and accidental shootings, but they also participate in tracking suspicious cars and targeting certain criminals moving around Colorado to get necessary evidence. The investigators deal with mysteries and work hard to define the reasons of each and every murder. The policemen work in collaboration with experienced pathologists explaining the details of body examinations.
Marijuana became legal in Colorado (for medicinal issues) and it provoked lots of new complicated cases connected the increased illegal retail of other drugs under the guise. One of the episode is fully devoted to the police officers tracking the drug runners. They demonstrate their methods of searching for strange vehicles and masked individuals.
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Rocky Mountains is a quiet region, but sometimes these talented and extremely intelligent policemen manage to get rid of the threat hiding in the darkness of the night. These people will certainly be your new inspiration! Start watching the show if you’re looking forward to real emotions and exciting criminal cases.

Second Season – Is It Possible?

Unfortunately, National Geographic Channel made no official announcements about the renewal of the project for the second season. Probably, everything  depends on the viewership or the producers depend on the critics’ feedback.


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