Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters Season 3

Climbing mountains is the business of Clint and Dayson. The project “Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters” follows their way as they chase fugitives in the harsh environments. The series is yet to be defined in terms of its future after the average success of two seasons.

Quick sketch

The programming list of Animal Planet is chock-full of various shows and docu-series with some of them approving themselves as true hits and others staying as average projects serving as a background that are just adding to the variety. One of this project is “Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters” that could be defined as already a settler if not the detention in the resumption for the third installment.
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With reference to the genre of a documentary, the series serves as also the reality project that is created by ITV Studios America with the team of executives being compiled of Jerry Decker, Rob Shaftel, and Lisa Lucas.
The series first premiere was held in 2014 in spring with the second one being set already in January 2015. So the developers decided not to wait for spring 2015. Each season is by the way composed of 10 episodes. What specifically led to such an early second launch?

What is the concept?

The series heroes are Clint and Dayson from Colorado which business lies in finding the criminals in the harsh wild environments of nature. It sounds like a bit crazy but the case is that people who are guilty of various crimes are hiding in the forests in order to escape the severe punishments.
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Clint and Dayson are people who are willing to redress the injustice not without a goal of getting a sum of money for their effort.
So they are ready to bear the harsh environments of the scenic but dangerous Rocky Mountains in order to get their profit.

Following the latest developments in the second season

The latest events of the documentary are revolving around cases of the most-wanted criminals that are suspected of arson, drug trafficking, and assault. Pursuing to escape custody they are fleeing into more than 3,000 miles of dense forests and rocky peaks.

Ratings and reviews

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The series appraisal is not unanimous in fact. Some people do not take much interest in such kind of shows. On IMDb, the series has garnered only 6.2 points out of 10. This is more than average but less than perfect. Therefore, the continuation is possible. But the developers need to add something that can tackle more interest in the audience heart.

Can we expect the renewal?

In spite of the early launch of the second chapter, the third one is not willing to follow the example of it. The situation offers to us practically nothing but to wait for the official statement that is either to cancel or to renew the project.
One cannot even hint at the appearance of the Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters season 3 release date so far. But if the series is resumed, we should wait for its emergence then in the near future.


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