Robot Wars Season 2

On the 13th of January 2016, BBC channel made an official announcement about Robot Wars revival and its renewal for several new seasons. The production matters are carried out by Mentorn Scotland. The filming of the show is mostly done in March of 2016. The revived variant of the show is made up of six one-hour episodes set in Glasgow and released by BBC Two. The production of the project started on the 4th o March 2016. The pilot episode (that remained unaired), was created on the first of March.  The first season premiere was on the 24th of July 2016. The release was accompanied by numerous teasers and trailers.


Robot Wars Season 2 Spoiler
The format of the original series 1 and 2 was focused on six and twelve teams in the cast (called heats) with six robots per team. The participants’ robots usually competed in there types of challenges – the Gauntlet, the Trial and the Arena.
The Gauntlet
That’s a challenge with obstacles consisting of three routes. The routes are also littered with House Robots and other mechanical hazards. The members of competing teams firstly have to negotiate the course and the way to complete it in the shortest time possible. Thy choose a robot depending on its abilities and possible performance. The robot that doesn’t manage to cover the distance is eliminated. Five robots are left to participate in the progress of the team.
The Trial
This is mostly a skill test. The rules of this stage are altered from time to time – everything depends on the nature of the trial. The ending is this stage is similar to the one of the Gauntlet challenge – the robot with the worst performance gets eliminated.
The Arena
The four remaining robots are split in pairs in order to fight head to head. They are constantly patrolled by the House Robots. The last two robots get to the Heat Final step. The further step is the Grand Final.
Robot Wars Season 2 Spoiler

Second Season Air Date

On the 11th of October 2016, the show was officially approved for the second season premiere. Season 2 will also consist of six episodes planned to be aired by BBC Two channel. The 2017 version of the series is in the process of creation and filming. The producers have to deal with tons of applications from people willing to participate in the show. When there’s more news on the release date of season 2 of Robot Wars, we’ll add this info to the post.


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