Ridiculousness Season 8

Rob Dyrdek inspires a variety of projects. Among them is Ridiculousness, the comedy show that by Dickhouse Productions. The current situation proposes the entire range of seasons including full eight parts. The eighth one is, nevertheless, yet to be renewed. Stay tuned as info can be near in its coming.

Brief review of the comedy show

The series entitled as “Ridiculousness” can be nothing but a mockery show. The host here is our beloved Rob Dyrdek.
Ridiculousness Season 8 Poster
The production of the series was entrusted specifically to Dickhouse Productions in 2011 when the release of the first chapter was held. In 2014, however, the leading company became the role for Gorilla Flicks and Superjacket.
The series broadcast means, nevertheless, has not been changed with the original TV channel being referred to as MTV. The team of executives there is composed of Jeff Tremaine, Christian Duguay, Lauren Dolgen, Kristina Edwards, Rob Dyrdek, Michelle Klepper, Shane Nickerson, and Sara Cohen.
The premiere of the first episode was held in 2011, as we have already mentioned. The latest seventh chapter was given start last year.

What is the idea?

The idea lies in mocking at various videos accessible on the Internet by means of providing the audience with hilarious commentaries as it concerns them.
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The host of the show named Rob Dyrdek, a skateboarder and actor, is beloved everywhere in the USA. So, the series should be a beloved by anyone as well. But is this the point of fact? Let’s turn to this question a bit later and now as for some updates in the show.

Developments in the latest season

The latest cycle keeps supplying us with comic commentaries towards various videos. The host is the same introducing new categories including Paingasm, Over Tugged, Ticking Time Moms, and Pukepology.
The panel is joined also by Chanel West Coast and Sterling “Stee–lo” Brim. Among star guests, we should name Charlotte McKinney (model), rappers Action Bronson and MGK, motocross stuntman Andy Bell and 50 Cent. The pioneer episode was shot in New York and shows us the view of Times Square.

When can we expect the release of the eighth season?

Ridiculousness Season 8 Cast
The seventh and so far the latest chapter was given a start in the previous year. Since then, we have not heard about the future of the project, regretfully.
We could predict that the chances of the renewal are high enough but according to the scoring on various websites that are garnering points on favor of various cinematography projects, the series is an average one in terms of its ratings. On IMDb, it constitutes only 6.2 points out of 10.
As an obvious fact, the Ridiculousness season 8 release date is unknown since the resumption is even not confirmed. Nevertheless, if you are a loyal follower of this project, we advise you keep your eyes open since the updates can appear at any moment now. And we should be ready if the developers decide to surprise all of us.


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