Rickey Smiley For Real Season 3

The life of a professional comedian is taken as the main theme for depiction here. The series is new and needs its further continuation. On understanding this, its developers have renewed it for another third cycle. Stay tuned with us, for the launch date can be near in coming.

Production and Broadcast Info

The series is part of the programming list of TV One. It features the professional and personal sides of life of Rickey Smiley.
The reality story is considered to be a product of Bobcat films where Rickey Smiley, Angi Bones, and Roger M. Bobb serve as executives.
The first season debut is dated back to November 2015. The latest second season has appeared in May 2016.
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Following the Concept

What is Rickey Smiley famous for? He is a brilliant comedian with a store of hilarious jokes in his brains, as well as a host of the talk show on the radio station. As all ordinary people, he has his own family consisting of four children and his nephew. The thing is that he brings them up on his own being a single father.
His life is busy enough as he residing in various places including Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta, and Georgia. This presents a great difficulty in terms of raising his children but he copes with the challenge of keeping the balance between these two sides of his life.
The second season saw Rickey Smiley as he was leading a more laid-back  life being involved in traveling to the Bahamas, keeping a watchful eye on his children, touring and working on a collaborative project.

What is the Reception?

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The series we are discussing at the moment is a good example for those who are complaining about having a busy life without any opportunity to have a good rest. Rickey Smiley will show you this in this program. Thus, follow it if you feel life torn with your constant deals.
The success of what the developers have after launching the first season. The series debuted with great rating figures. During the total release of the freshman season, 8.2 million viewers have been sitting in front of their TV sets and have followed the narration. The audience consisted of mainly black people, as the show is considered to be a perfect example of a positive black male role model
All stereotypes are expected to be torn apart while watching this series. That’s why the show has deserved its critical acclaim. The continuation of the story is around the corner, thus.

Recent News are Inspiring Enough

As soon as the final episode of the sophomore chapter was released, the developers announced that the show would be continued and the third cycle would air in the future.
The bright future of the series is guaranteed, thus. So far, however, there has been no exposal of the Rickey Smiley For Real season 3 release date but we should not worry about this, as it is early for such statements. Let’s wait for its appearance when reaching the close of the upcoming winter.


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