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Popular reality-shows in the genre of day-and-night surveillance are connected not only with the life of ordinary people. One of such quite unusual series which, however, gathered a large audience is an American program “Breaking Amish”, and a spin-off of the series is the project “Return to Amish”, which is in fact Season 3. The popularity of the show can be explained as follows: colorful participants and their unusual adventures and challenges that they face in the course of the show got a real success and became world-wide known characters. The top fans’ question is as follows: is “Return to Amish” coming back for Season 4? Release Date is already known and all the information will be given further.

Plot Peculiarities

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“Return to Amish” tells the story of characters who are members of the Christian Amish Church. 10 participants who in their past life were orthodox Amish are sent to New York. There they meet with new and unfamiliar situations for them and decide whether they should go back to their usual lifestyle or it’s wiser to stay in a big city. The participants of the show face different complexities of a real life: pregnancy, weddings and other major events, and all this takes place under the lenses of cameras.
In Season 3 Kate, Jeremiah, Abe, Sabrina and Rebecca known to fans of the show return to the community, where they have to decide whether they can continue leading a religious life and if they’re able to establish relations with their church. The series is full of surprises.
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Sabrina is going to struggle against drug addiction, Abe and Rebecca are ready to present their relationship, Kate focuses on career, and Mary faces a difficult choice. The viewers watch the characters meet the most unpredictable incidents and cope with them.

Creators: Sources of Ideas

The founders of the show are Shannon Evangelista and Eric Evangelista, who are executive producers. The translation of the program is carried out by TLC channel. The company responsible for the series broadcasting is a famous and respected studio Hot Snakes Media. Season 1 was launched on September 9, 2012; Season 3 called “Return to Amish” appeared on American television on June 21, 2014.
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Renewal and Release Date of New Season

A huge audience’s obsession with this project may be easily explained: after the release of the spin-off “Return to Amish” began to exist in its own way, and even a certain amount of criticism of some viewers does not affect the program’s popularity. The greatest number of fans, who watched Season 3 was 1.63 million, and a demo-rating was of 0.4. At the moment it’s already known that the release date of Season 4 is appointed on May 31, 2015. The participants will again deal with a difficult choice and experience a large number of new shocks. In accordance with such high ratings it’s absolutely sure that the audience is looking forward to the release of a new series, and the creators are ready to give the fans such an opportunity.


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