Restored Season 2

Another documentary series, telling about the colorful transformations of old buildings and the re-creation of their former appearance, was launched in early 2017 on DIY channel. This show is Restored, a project where a single active young man is engaged in finishing old houses that deserve a better fate than just destruction under the influence of time. Here, the audience will see how much an old mansion can transform, if a professional does everything possible to make his product look not worse than in the old times. Therefore, the interest in this program is fully justified, and the channel itself, as you know, has had its audience for a long time. The last episode has already been shown, but the public wants to see the second season premiere with a new episode, so the creators of the project regularly receive from the fans of the show the following question: when will Restores season 2 debut? Release date of the following part hasn’t been announced in mass media yet, but if the interest is as big as today, the authors will probably return the renewed series on the screen, and its coming will certainly be accepted with joy.

Production Info

The pilot season release date was scheduled for January 11, 2017, and this was the day when all the viewers started watching the project runway. There were 6 episodes included in the series, and each of them was running about one hour.
Restored Season 2 date release

The main star and the cast of Restored is Brett Waterman, a person doing everything possible for his work to be appreciated and remembered not by only one generation.

The channel broadcasting all the previous episodes and responsible for the next new season air date is DIY, the network that is well-known around the world.
Restored Season 2

Brief Review

Brett Waterman is a man who found himself in the restoration of old houses, for example, mansions and country cottages of the 19th century. Many of these constructions have already lost their proper appearance, and Brett does everything possible so that these houses do not look dilapidated. At the same time, he does not give them the appearance of modern buildings, but tries to recreate their former appearance, so that the construction resembles what it used to be.

Among the houses Brett worked with you can find a variety of types of old buildings:

  • Historical bungalows;
  • Farmhouses;
  • Family houses and so on.

Restored Season 2

Chances for Continuation

If everything goes right, the second season start will be announced quite soon, as there are many viewers waiting for the premiere. The channel DIY has always had devoted fans, and the project Restored is one of those that are undoubtedly worth watching. The schedule of the following season two will be known as soon as all the authors and producers come to the same conclusion, so stay tuned to hear the schedule and be aware of all the finale decisions.

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