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Various talk shows and series about renovation are popular not only among the people directly involved in process of building, but also ordinary viewers. But unlike many similar programs that really describe in detail different techniques of decorating work and materials to be used, an Australian TV series “Reno Rumble” is based on the competition between the two teams, restoring two separate cottage houses. By today it has already been presented two seasons of this project and many of its fans are puzzled with one question: is “Reno Rumble” coming back for Season 3? Release Date is unknown, and there are special reasons for this. Despite a rather interesting plot of the program the creators faced with some problems, but everything should be described gradually.

Creators and Judges

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The main authors and creators of this Australian show are David Barbour and Julian Cress. The hosts of “Reno Rumble” are well-known in Australia media persons Shelley Craft and Scott Cam. For the past two seasons the program judges were such people as Romy Alwill, Justin Ryan, Darren Palmer and Colin McAllister.

Plot Review

The plot of the project does not have any complex features: two teams engaged in renovating and repairing of two country houses compete against each other for a prize of $ 100,000 and a powerful modern car Mazda CX-5. Their work is evaluated every week by respected judges, whose roles are played by professional interior designers. The judging process takes place blindly, which means that the designers do not know the team working with a particular house, and that fact makes the evaluation process as objective as possible. Once all the estimates are exposed, the winner team gets immunity, and one of the members of the losing team is eliminated from the competition. The script is pretty standard, but the whole interest lies in different approaches to interior decorations, because the participants use a great variety of techniques and real masterpieces of design art are created during the competition.
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Prospects and Ratings

Season 1 of “Reno Rumble” was launched on May 5, 2011 and included 27 episodes; Season 2 was released on March 21, 2016 and had only 15 episodes. This was done because of extremely low ratings of the show. As for the extension of the series for Season 3, the fans of this Australian project will be disappointed: the creators have officially announced the closing of the project. Despite relative popularity of the program among the viewers it has not reached a level on which the translation is financially justified. The authors spent more money than they managed to earn, so the series is closed. From a business point of view it is a logical step, but the authors are unlikely to succeed in explaining it to those who watched “Reno Rumble” with pleasure and great interest. Anyway, there is no use in expecting the continuation of the reality show, it’s better to turn attention to other popular and successful projects of a similar genre with higher ratings and brighter prospects.


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