Release the Hounds Season 3

We monitor the situation with the new TV show entitled as “Release the Hounds” but the situation is so far not promising yet not so sad as we still have chances of the revival and the appearance on new episodes in this upcoming September. So, keep your eyes open following our service and you will get info as soon as it becomes available for all of us.

General sketch of the TV show

Release the Hounds is a new amusing game show that is available for watching now in the form of two seasons. The premiere of these two cycles has been held on the British channel called ITV2 since October 2013.
Release the Hounds Season 3 Poster
The release of the second installment was set already in September 2015. Thus, the hiatus constituting on year took place. Is the story with the series being put on hold is going to be repeated? At least, it is possible, as the resumption for the third part has not been confirmed yet while the autumn faded sunrays are already near in coming.
The production of the series is due to Gogglebox Entertainment and Independent Television (ITV), as well as to team of executives that comprises Mat Steiner and Adam Wood.

What are the host and the concept?

The show is a scary one. So, while watching it, keep away your children from the TV sets and computer screens as it is only for adults.
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As it is a game, the participants are an integral part of this series. Here they are presented by three people. They enter the forest as soon as the sun disappears on the horizon.
They are given various tasks for accomplishing them in the complete darkness. They are to unlock chests with prize money specifically.

Getting into particulars of the second part

The second release being arranged in the September 2015 gave us another portion of terrifying feelings, as well as suspense covering our souls. The six episodes available in the sophomore cycle showed Reggie Yates as he is back in the show as a host. He remains the only one person with whom the participants can communicate. The shooting was accomplished in a new place – an Eastern European forest.

Can we expect the third season?

Release the Hounds Season 3 Cast
The situation with the project is such that the resumption has not been confirmed yet. Nevertheless, the predictions are such the revival can be announced very soon if to suppose that the third part will appear in this September as the tradition of the launch needs it. The tradition was established when the second cycle emerged at the start of autumn as the first one. Additionally, we can predict that the sophomore cycle will take place finally, for the ratings of the show are high enough. On IMDb, the scoring constitutes, for instance, 7.4 points put of 10.
The Release the Hounds season 3 release date is also yet to be defined. As the chances of the resumption are good, we should expect it in the near future. So, keep your eyes open following our service and you will get info as soon as it becomes available for all of us.


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