Rehab Addict Season 8

Rehab Addict is reality TV show following renovations of old homes created and released in the USA. The release was carried out by DIY and HGTV channels with the first season release date on the 14th of October 2010. Nicole Curtis, the host of the project, deals with renovation of historic houses. She mostly works in Detroit and Minneapolis, turning ruined homes into stunning dwellings. She’s a single mom with marvelous hammering skills ready to change a messy place into a pride of the neighborhood. Rehab Addict season 8 release date is unknown yet, but the project is still going enjoying enormous popularity.


Rehab Addict, is devoted to salvaging hopeless historical homes. Nicole Curtis, the presenter of the series says that she’s ready for challenges every single day. Besides, in every new episode she uses only salvage materials. Her aim is to affect people’s minds and to make them think before they decide to rebuild their home into something new.
Rehab Addict Season 8 date release

Curtis also collects garbage that can be useful in creating new stuff for a home. She’s mostly fond of broken furniture – most of it only needs a quick fix and can still be used. Her own house is about 4,000 square foot and it’s stuffed with things recreated out of real garbage.

Why is she so fond of garbage? It probably comes from her family. Curtis’ grandpa had a garbage company and her grandma dealt with reusing everything that was possible to reuse. That’s why Curtis thinks that if you want to have opportunities, you should value what you already have.
Rehab Addict Season 8


Nicole Curtis was born in 1976. She originates from the area of Lake Orion, Michigan. She studied at Lake Orion High School. Her parents ran a garbage business and her grandparents did their best not only to recycle garbage, but to make something new out of it. She’s sure that a hobby that later became her professional responsibility is a result of the impact of her family. She gave birth to Ethan, her son before she left school. From September of 2014, she’s been renovating a 1904 home in Detroit to make it her family home. When Curtis was in college, she was willing to study law. However, later she chose studying education. In July of 2015 that she announced she was going to give birth to her second child.
Rehab Addict Season 8

8th Season Air Date

There’s no info on when the producers will re-launch Rehab Addict in its eighth installment, but the series is still going and you’ll be notified about all changes in the schedule of DIY channel.

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