Rehab Addict Season 8

The start of this year is noted for the appearance of the seventh season of Rehab Addict, a settler on HGTV. Less than half a year before the supposed launch of season 8 and we have announcements of at least its feasibility. Can we hope for another installment? Surely, we can, as the series ratings are on the same high level. Just arm ourselves with patience, as the situation will be clarified in any case.

Some Basic Moments

The series where renovations and restorations come to be accomplished is not a rare case on modern television. Rehab Addict is another addition to the genre of TV shows.
Rehab Addict Season 8 Poster
It was broadcasted on DIY since 2010. In four years, the program moved to HGTV. The latest season premiere is dated back to February 2016.

Following the Concept

As for the exact objects for restorations here, they are historic architectural masterpieces.  The show host is Nicole Curtis, a restoration and preservation advocate for historic architecture.
All across the country, she breathes a new life into various projects including those situated in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Akron, Ohio, and Detroit.
Nicole is a person referred to those who love their job, as well as are passionate about it. She comes from Michigan herself, and at the present time, lives in a rehabbed 1904 home in Detroit.
Her goal is to prevent the historic neighborhoods from being destroyed once and for all. It is personally very important to her.
Being a single mother, she gets into resolving this significant social issue of retaining historical places. This has turned to be a prosperous business finally. Nevertheless, her interests do not come down to finances, as she sets definite conditions for the supposed new owners when selling renovated houses. Among them, there is the one that prohibits changing the floor plan.
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Reviews and Scores

The show of Curtis has been a successful hit right since the release of the freshman installment. The reviews are just inspiring enough. The whole audience is united in considering the work of Curtis the one that is of a great social use. The lack of the typical drama on this show just adds to the series popularity.
The score on IMDb constitutes perfect 8.1 points out of 10. Meanwhile, the viewership is not so large – only 0.5 million people on average. This, however, can be explained by the low ratings of the channel itself. To make a long story short, we should underline the worthiness of the project as well as its great feasibility of the resumption.

What is the Series Future?

The series perfect rating figures inspire hope that the revival will take place next year when the time to launch another cycle will come. So far, there is no official data regarding the program fate.
If it is renewed, the Rehab Addict season 8 release date can be expected only getting closer the start of the following year. Stay tuned if you are a loyal follower of this project and are hungry for specifics regarding it.


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