Redneck Island Season 6

A typical for the whole world reality show where two teams compete for the victory is a format that has been known for a long time. In the modern television there is a great variety of such series, and one of the most famous in the world project of this genre is Redneck Island, has been airing on American television channel CMT since the summer of 2012. For the past five seasons the audience has been watching this fascinating show, but most of the fans of this series are seriously puzzled with the question, which looks quite reasonable: will Redneck Island come back for season 6? Release Date of the next renewed season premiere is still shrouded in mystery, but one shouldn’t be upset, because, looking at the tendency, it’ supposed that the program will return with its new episode pretty soon. One can be said with sure: the lovers Redneck Island are waiting for the coming of the following season air date with great tension.

Creators Crew

The first season start of the program was presented on TV back in 2012 on June 9. The latest season five finished rather long ago and its last episode was aired on March 31, 2016. The whole number of episodes for the past five seasons is 46, and this figure is certainly worth noting.
Redneck Island Season 6 date release

The host of this reality series is Steve Austin, and in the fourth season he was joined by Jessie James Decker.

Executive producers who have managed to develop the series to one of the most popular in the world are the following professional filmmakers:

  • Cris Abrego;
  • Clay Newbill;
  • Michelle Brando;
  • Ben Samek;
  • Jayson Dinsmore;
  • Matt Westmore;
  • Fernando Mills and others.

Redneck Island Season 6

The company producing the project and responsible for all its air dates on TV is 51 Minds Entertainment; the broadcasting is carried out on CMT, the channel which is sure to present the next season release date when announced. Brief ReviewThe cast of the show are so-called “rednecks”, living in an island and divided in two teams. The series has a standard elimination format, and at the end the winner is only one. It is interesting that from the fourth season the project format has changed somewhat and now all the competitions are held in pairs of men and women, competing with one another.
Redneck Island Season 6

For all the years of broadcasting viewers have sen a huge number of participants, and it is obvious that when new season six is released, new vivid and memorable people will appear on the screen.

Renewal Potential and Viewers’ Interest

Despite so many years of being on TV, Redneck Island is still popular among the audience, and current rating of 5.9/10 on IMDB is not very accurate indicator of its popularity. There is still no any finale data regarding when season six is going to be released, but not to miss this news stay tuned not to be last to find out the series schedule and various peculiarities of the coming sixth part.

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