Redneck Island Season 6

Are you ready to sacrifice your life conveniences and struggle for the great cash prize surviving in the harsh conditions? If yes, you are destined to apply for participation in this competition show. Five seasons have been already launched and we wait for the exposal of news regarding season 6.

Shortly as for the TV Show

The series for discussion now is the reality show, a competition in the core, having aired on the CMT channel since 2012. The company behind the production is 51 Minds Entertainment. The team of executives is composed of Cris Abrego, Steve Austin, Jayson Dinsmore Melanie, Clay Newbill, and Matt Westmore. The host of the show is a wrestling icon named Steve Austin, with TV personality Melissa Rycroft as a co-host.
Redneck Island Season 6 Poster
Five installments are available for the audience. The latest release is dated back to January 2016. Season 6 is still to be confirmed by the developers. We wait for the official news, currently.

What Does it Portray?

The participants of the show are the stranded contestants on a deserted island. It is a survival competition where the members of the crew should apply all their skills in order to win the immunity from elimination.
There are two teams on the show with each one composed of one man and one woman. The cash prize is inspiring enough – $100,000.
Surely, there is some suspense on the show, as the genre of the reality competition project needs it. While watching the program, you will not get bored until the winners are announced.

Average but Sufficient Rating Numbers

Following the situation with ratings, we should say that it is not critically sad. The average points have been achieved successfully. There is no waiting for more from this show.
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Among the scores of various aggregator websites, it is enough to note the one on IMDb – middling 5.9 points out of 10. The viewership constitutes about 0.4 million watchers per episode with a 0.2 share in the 18-49 demographic, as for now. It is considered as a decline. The initial viewership equaled 1.5 million watchers during the release of the freshman installment.
What is your personal point-of-view towards this project? Is the series worth its further continuation, according to your opinion? We would be much pleased to hear your thoughts regarding these issues. You are welcome to leave your comments below the post!

Are the Renewals Possible?

What is the chance of the resumption for season 6? Can we ever expect the revival confirmed or not?
You are right; the figures are not so impressive indeed yet do not worry about the possibility of the renewal so far. The chances of the series staying afloat are rather high.
Surely, there is no waiting for the immediate exposal of the Redneck Island season 6 release date. It can become clear only next year. Stay tuned with us and you will get acknowledged of it as soon as the announcement is made.


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