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The audience likes the stories about gold hunters largely because it’s always interesting to see how someone finds long-lost values inside the ground. Some people like just watching this process from the sidelines, and someone as the creators of the popular American documentary series “Rebel Gold” is taking active steps and is engaged in the search. The authors of this unusual project demonstrate to the public that the treasure hunt is possible even today, and the main things that are needed for this are to know special places and to have necessary equipment. The program is broadcasted on a world famous Discovery Channel since September 15, 2015, and by today it has been presented one season. However, the success of the story is the reason for a logical question: when does “Rebel Gold” season 2 premiere? Release date is yet to be announced, but the viewers are sure for the continuation to be presented very soon.
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Storyline Peculiarities

The events of season 1 of the show are associated with the search for the treasures of the end of the civil war. According to the historical facts, the head of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis in 1865 fled with the treasure, but after his arrest $ 20 million as gold and silver was not found. The participants of “Rebel Gold” carry out these searches, looking for the clues and evidences for the existence of these mysterious treasures. In the process of their work the researchers face with a lot of secrets and mysteries, exploring ancient legends and stories, penetrate into the depths of American history, and all this is made for only one purpose: to find the desired treasure or at least to find out what happened to it.
The place of the search in season 1 was the mansion in the south of America and part of old unused plantations, formerly belonging to the slave owners. Upcoming places that members of the team are going to explore are Chester, Virginia and Amelia in South Carolina.
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Producers and Production Company

The broadcasting of the series is performed on a very popular Discovery Channel, so such a large number of viewers are quite logical. Executive producers of the project are Patrice Andrews, Rob Shaftel and Jerry Decker, and the company distributing the program is ITV Studios America.

Renewal Prospects

Due to the fact that the information on the renewal of “Rebel Gold” from has not been reported from the creators yet, some fans of the show are a bit worried. However, judging by the ratings of the project, the prospects for the continuation are quite good. Both the critics and the audience confirm that the series of this genre is quite unusual, and all the events unfolding on the screen captivate the audience from the very first minutes. It is likely for season 2 to be presented very soon, and then the fans will be able to see new adventures of the team of gold diggers and enjoy their treasure hunt with great pleasure.


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