R&B Divas: Los Angeles Season 4

Six charming women are the central characters of the reality story which narrates about their personal issues, as well as of their attempts to stay on top of the R&B charts. The series is already a settler on TV One with the next installment being yet to be confirmed, however.

Brief review

As you have already guessed from the title, this reality show has its spin-offs with the same idea for depiction but differing in the place of action. The original version of the franchise is R&B Divas: Atlanta.
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The premiere of the Los Angeles variant was held in 2013 in summer. Its latest season saw the light of day for the first time in the previous February. Since then, nothing has been heard of the resumption for the fourth part.
The series is developed by the entire team of executives including such names as Adam Freeman (Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas), Aaron Fishman (Undercover Boss), Leslie Greif (Preachers’ Daughters), Paul Coy Allen (R&B Divas), and Phil Thornton (I Married a Baller).
The series broadcast has been set on the American channel called TV One since the release of the pioneer season.

Following the idea of the reality show

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The series main cast is composed of six women, six performers in the R&B style. The members of the latest season are Stacy Francis, Chant? Moore, Michel’le Toussaint, Leela James, Cynthia "Lil’ Mo" Loving, and Christina "Brave" Williams.
The core idea of the TV show involves them struggling through their career ways in order to become and then stay on the tops of R&B charts. Many personal life issues come here for portrayal, as without them the show could not be so much attractive to the audience. These private issues include divorce, as well as even struggles with suicide, etc.
The series is noted for some cast changes taking place every season. For instance, the second season premiering in summer 2014 gives us a look at Leela James and Chrisette Michelle who are reckoned to be the new members of the R&B team after Kelly Price and Dawn Robinson had left the project.
Following the cast changes, we should also keep in mind that Stacy Francis and Christina "Brave" Williams joined the cast in the third chapter after the departure of the show settler named Claudette Ortiz.
R&B Divas: Los Angeles Season 4 Cast

Can we expect the announcement of the fourth season?

The case is such that the series is now next door to cancellation. But this is only one side of the medal. The high-ranking level, as well as positive critical opinion, should be also taken into consideration. Can the so highly evaluated project be just simply canceled? We have a lot of trouble believing that.
Consequently, we should wait for the formal announcement about the resumption, as well as concerning the R&B Divas: Los Angeles season 4 release date coming with posts on Twitter and Facebook accounts. So be in the swim in the case the fourth premiere is planned by the developers for this summer or autumn.


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