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Raising a child who is not your own biologically is a hard challenge to take yet it is worth seeing happy eyes of a kid who has managed to find parents in this world. The OWN channel presents a brand show entitled as Raising Whitley. There the issues which foster parents face during the process of raising up a child come for depiction, basing on the example of Kym Whitley.

Brief Review of the Whole Reality Show

The thing for discussion is the American reality show entitled as Raising Whitley and broadcasted on OWN since August 2013. The channel has launched three seasons. The future of the fourth one is undefined now.
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Pilgrim Studios is behind the whole project while Craig Piligian, Melodie Calvert, and Kym Whitley complete the team of executives. Starting from the sophomore chapter, the duration of episodes has been increased from half an hour to one hour. So, all of us are pleased to enjoy the expanded format.

Following the Concept: Is it Difficult to Raise an Adopted Child?

The main person of the reality series is Kym Whitley, serving as an actress and a comedienne. Once a certain crucial moment has changed her life for good. After mentoring one disturbed young woman for 15 years, she finds her disappeared under unknown circumstances after giving birth to a child. This charming boy should not live in an orphan house, and she decides to adopt him. Kym has named him Joshua. As for now, she is raising him not without the assistance coming from a team of her friends, “The Village”, as she calls them.
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Many challenges come her way and she should face them with dignity. There is no way back and in fact, Kym does not regret her decision, as often it is so fun to spend time with this boy knowing that it is a baby of your own.

What are Rating Figures and Opinions of Watchers?

The ideas that this show convey can be regarded as the main reason for continuing the show. The fresh approach in the up-bringing presented by Kym with her sense of humor makes the show actually inspiring for others.
Many people have appreciated the positive message. The viewership of latest installment constitutes 0.7 million people.
Joshua is growing up each day and every season is devoted to various problems, challenges, and funny moments which the main heroes of the show face. Herewith, we may say that there is still much material to bring it to light.
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Renewal Potential: No News Regarding the Future

Speaking from the point of ratings and the very ideas conveyed, the show has a truly strong potential of revival for the several following installments. So far, however, the fate of the fourth chapter is not determined, how sad it does not sound. Herewith, a scrupulous monitoring is arranged by our service now to keep every loyal follower of the project in the swim. The Raising Whitley season 4 release date can be much near in coming. Stay tuned with us. Let us know also what your opinion towards this show is.


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