Raise the Roof Season 2

It is not a secret that a large number of projects broadcast on DIY channel, are dedicated to repair and renovation of houses. But if most of the programs tell about a standard update of interior design, the show Raise the Roof has a slightly different format. Its aim is to renovate not the interior but the exterior, when the owners do not just get an updated living room or bedroom, but a brand new building with heightened functionality and a very different size. It is logical to assume that with the completion of the first season of the series it has got a lot of fans. All of them are puzzled with an important issue: Will Raise the Roof return for season 2? Release Date hasn’t been announced by the creators yet, but the audience believe that the coming of a renewed program will take place soon and each new episode of season two will not be worse than ever.

Creators Crew and Cast

Raise the Roof Season 2 Poster
The main character of the project is Keith Nylund, a building investor from Denver. This is him who is responsible for any house renovation and presenting the work of his crew to the owners.
The first season release date was aired on July 21, 2016, and since then it has been presented 7 episodes lasting about half an hour.
The producers of the show are:

  • Tim Dickey;
  • James Spurlock;
  • Terry Wester;
  • Melanie Wester;
  • Elise Sabbeth.

The broadcasting is carried out on DIY channel; the company producing the series is 12 Forward Entertainment.

Brief Review

Raise the Roof Season 2 Spoiler
The main task the Nylund’s team faces with is the restoration of old buildings and their transformation into really modern and functional houses with new floors and a new roof. Judging by the result of the work the professional masters have made for 7 episodes, it’s possible to say that they know their business and may be considered to be skilled workers by right. Some of the buildings they took for had been completely abandoned, and it was hard to imagine that such damaged houses can now really get comfortable and, which is more, large accommodation. Keith always says he is worried about those buildings that they construct, and the owners of these houses are very grateful to him for this.
The authors haven’t officially announced the new season air date yet, but according to viewers’ feedbacks the show is certainly to be continued.

Prospects for Renewal

The main character of Raise the Roof is undoubtedly pleasant to the public. The series has features that distinguish it from other projects of this genre, so the chances for the renewal of the show are very high.
The next season premiere is to be announced as soon as the producers come to a conclusion and determine the terms. Stay tuned to get all the necessary information about the renewal and the schedule of the release of each episode.


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