Race to Escape Season 2

As a psychological game show, Race to Escape is featuring people solving various puzzles in closed rooms. Though the idea is much appreciated by the audience, we have nothing positive to deliver to you so far as the series future is yet to be announced officially.

General info about the game show

Race to Escape is by the genre a TV show but with the psychological direction with the main character solving the most intricate puzzles in order to win the main prize.
Race to Escape Season 2 Poster
The series is broadcasted on Science Channel now in the USA. The production is by the studio entitled Entertainment One which producers have been working in harness with those from the Axial Entertainment production studio.
And now we should name the exact names of executives thanks to whom we have a chance to follow this show. So they are Riaz Patel, Tara Long, John Morayniss, and Kevin Healey.
The first opening was held in the previous July and since then nothing positive has been heard from the developers.

What is the idea?

The level of excitement of this project is an object about which others shows can be envious. The heart-pounding reality project is packed with a considerable portion of suspense and tension in which viewers are held during the release of a regular episode. But we have flown off at a tangent. Let’s get back the core of the story.
The idea lies in a group of courageous people as they embark on solving the most intricate puzzles in closed rooms. There are two teams in the game. The rooms are of various types including bars, garages, libraries, and so on and so forth.
The challenges that participants of the show are faced with should signify that the main prize is nothing but a considerable sum of money, which here constitutes $ 25,000. This sum is going to the winning team for getting out of the room in less than 20 minutes without exploiting any prompts.
Race to Escape Season 2 Cast
After the first 20 minutes have passed, this sum starts being reduced by $500 for every additional minute in the closed room.
The winner is considered to be one of two teams that unscramble all five codes and gets out of the room before their rivals become the owners of the amount of money remaining in its account at the time of release.

Concrete events in the story

As for exacts tasks, in the premiere episode, for instance, two groups of participants are locked away in huge libraries with a great amount of books, shelves, portraits, and exhibits in which participants should be able to find the right code.

When can expect the release of the second launch

The current situation can propose to us only the undefined status of this project with it being next door to cancellation. Nevertheless, let’s hope for better news to come off as soon as it is possible. Before the cancellation is not announced officially, there is a chance the resumption will take place and we will get to know the Race to Escape season 2 release date.



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