QI Season 14

The resumption of the quiz game has been announced already at the start of this year. The premiere of series 14 has been scheduled for 2016. Nevertheless, we have no info about the debut date still. Stay tuned if you follow this British project in order to be informed of any kind of aspects that can become exposed now at any moment.

Brief Review

QI, or Quite Interesting, is an entertaining show game by British production. The series has been broadcasted on various  BBC channels since its premiere in September 2003. The first premiere was held on BBC Four while the latest one – on BBC Two.
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The show is funny one where people come try their knowledge on general subjects. John Lloyd is behind the whole production of the TV show. Meanwhile, the crew of the QI Elves consisting of seven people is developing questions for the quiz.

Following Main Rules

The current host of the show is named Stephen Fry. He has been running all quizzes since its debut. However, from series 14, he will be replaced by Sandi Toksvig, an actor, writer, and comic, as well as an old friend of Fry.
And now we should talk about the main rules of the quiz game. According to the concept, we have got here, this show reminds other shows of this type. There are participants who answer questions.
The questions come to be posed to four people, to Alan Davies, the resident of the show and three other people who change with each episode particularly. The questions here are created in such a way that it seems impossible to give replies at first blush. But here it is not the answers to these questions that make the story go forward. The very discussions spun off while trying to answer them are the focus of the show.
Even the scoring system come to be not understood to the full by the host. The witty conversations are covering all the time and this cannot but amuse the audience.
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Regarding the Renewal

The series renewal is already in our hands now though the long history of the show may imply that the cancellation can be near. However, we are sure of the series importance on British television. The audience needs such a kind of relaxation.
The series 14 has been expected to appear in this year since the announcement of the renewal in February. Nevertheless, the QI season 14 release date has not been exposed yet. What is the reason for such a delay? When can we expect the promised release? These are questions of vital importance for the audience now.
Other issues that can make the level of anticipation grow is those connected to the way in which viewers can take the replacement of the series host. All of us hold out hope that Sandi Toksvig will be able to retain the delightfulness in the atmosphere of the show that is reckoned to be already a brand.
The launch date is felt to be around the corner, as this year is already coming to its end. Stay tuned if you follow this British project in order to be informed of any kind of aspects that can become exposed now at any moment.


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