Property Brothers Season 10

Another home renovation show but with a certain shift from the format, Property Brothers is a long-running reality series that has nine seasons under its belt already and it seems that it is not the limit – the following seasons are felt to be in the cards. The future of the tenth season is not determined yet though we are sure that it will be launched next year.

Brief Review

The purpose of this article is to deliver all necessary info about the Canadian show entitled as Property Brothers. The long history of this reality story began approximately a decade ago. Since then, we have followed nine successful seasons. The latest premiere has been held in February 2016. The fate of the anniversary installment is not known so far.
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Cineflix is behind production while the HGTV channel is responsible for the distribution of it. The broadcast is held internationally also including such countries as Canada, the US, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Poland, and Spain.

Concepts and Ideas

The series is referred to those that depict the house renovations. As the topic is rather popular, there is some twist from the format. What is this shift? Let’s clear everything out.
The hosts of the show are twin brothers whose field of specialization is improving homes. They assist people who come to the show in fixing problems when purchasing fixer-uppers that need a good repair. In the result of a great work done by the hosts, the participants of the show obtain homes of their most cherished dreams.
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At the start of each episode, the Scott brothers present a computer-generated image of what their clients will get after all work is done in a proper way.
The team of brothers includes various specialists also. Together they improve homes within the period of 4-7 weeks depending on the difficulty of each case. Surely, it is not obligatory for participants of the show to accept the offer of the brothers but in the majority of cases, it is actually hard to resist the 20-25 thousand dollar incentive.

Superb Ratings

The thematic direction of this show is a popular one and there is no wondering why we have got nine seasons of it already. The score on IMDb is practically perfect equaling 7.4 points out of 10. The viewership is steady constituting 2 million watchers. This is impressive, is not it? Together with a Primetime Emmy nomination, the series is a good candidate for the following renewals being included in the top high-rated performers on the channel from the very start of its launches.
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No Doubts as for Resumption

Considering the ratings, the renewal is already a confirmed thing, in fact, though the official news has not come off yet. The future release can be slated for the start of 2017. The Property Brothers season 10 release date can be expected when getting closer to this year. Stay tuned to be notified about any updates related to this project.


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