Project Runway Junior Season 2

Once Project Runway was released, it became a real cult. It is an emotional and exciting competition between designers facing challenges of all sorts. They have to recreate something out of something, realize someone’s ideas, remake old wedding dresses into everyday clothing, make personal fabric patterns in a short period of time and also they have to deal with a strict jury making stable partners with models that work in collaboration with them showing their projects on the Runway. Suddenly the producers got a marvelous idea. What about kids that grew up watching this show and willing to show their talent off? Let’s see what they got…

The Format and the Crew

Young designers 13-17 years old participate in this reality project, popular all over the world. The show is hosted by Tim Gunn and Hannah Davis. Tim Gunn acts as a mentor for the group of young designers that gonna be eliminated one after the other after every challenge, just like in the original show for adult designers. Tim is capable to bring one of the former participants back to the show. The judges are Christian Siriano (from the 4th season of Project Runway), Kelly Osbourne and Aya Kanai.
Project Runway Junior Season 2 Poster
Project Runway Junior is almost the same as the adult version, with less difficulty and softer critics. The one who wins gets the scholarship to study in California’s Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. A winner also gets a personal sewing studio, a possibility to publish projects in Seventeen Magazine and $25000 prize. This way the creators of the project help young designers launch their personal line of clothing.


  • One day to create a look to show off personal style. Only 30 minute for sketching.
  • Materials challenge – create something out of stuff they find at a carwash.
  • Teamwork – create a mini collection of the 60s inspired clothing.
  • Create a look for the red carpet ceremony.
  • Work with first clients in life.
  • Find an inspiringly looking person in New York.
  • Create a personal statement look.
  • Make up a clothing collection for the New York Fashion Week.

Project Runway Junior Season 2 Promo

Release Date of the 2nd Season

The producers and Lifetime Network say nothing about the continuation or the release date of the project, but they’re not planning to cancel it either. The show is truly emotional and inspiring for the young designers from all over the world willing to share their talent. Project Runway Junior received mostly positive feedback, so we surely can hope for the new broadcasts this or next year. Follow the news with us!


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