Project Runway: Junior Season 2

The loyal followers of the project can walk on air now, as the second chapter of “Project Runway: Junior” is to take place come rain or shine. The question is when, however. Herewith, be prepared to get news about the launch date at any moment now.

Some Basic Features

The series is a competition show broadcasted on the Lifetime channel. The first season having premiered in the preceding November is the only one so far that the show has under its belt.
Project Runway: Junior Season 2 Poster
The generators of ideas and those who bring these ideas to life are Tim Gunn and Hannah Davis. Los Angeles Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising is the actual place for the shooting of the series. As for production companies, there is a whole range of them – The Weinstein Company, Sara Rea Productions, and Full Picture.
This series is a version of the Project Runway franchise created for teenagers. If you have not followed it, let’s get right to the essence of the show.

Going Into Particulars

The title of the story does not even hint at the concept of the show, as it usually does in such cases. Herewith, we are in a hurry to present it to you now.
The field in which the participants of the rush are competing is designing. The panel of judges consisting of three professionals – Christian Siriano, Kelly Osbourne, and Aya Kanai – is evaluating how teenagers are coping with challenges, which are hard even for adults.
As soon as the rush is given a start, they are involved in accomplishing a task of First Lady Michelle Obama. The level of seriousness is high, as you see. Thus, the members of the show should apply as much talent and prudence as it is ever possible.
Project Runway: Junior Season 2 Promo
The main prize is a scholarship at the LA Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Moreover, a cash bonus is guaranteed to a winner – $25,000, a worthy sum of money, isn’t it?

What is the Reception Level?

Though the series has been received favorably, in general, it is not noted for buzz and enthusiasm around it. It does not imply that the talents the participants of the program are showing are undervalued. Their styles are much praised but it seems that this show is lacking something important for great reception indeed when comparing it with Project Runway: Threads, another spin-off from the original Project Runway.
The success of the whole franchise signifies that the audience gets captured by the creative process portrayed in the show. Herewith, all versions of the set should be revived each year coming.

Following Latest Developments

The series has been already renewed for the second installment, as the show is a promising one and can get traction with the release of the following parts.
The Project Runway: Junior season 2 release date is felt to be around the corner. So, be attentive enough subscribing to our service if you follow the purpose not to miss any kind of data regarding this show.


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