Project Grizzly Season 2


Project Grizzly is a new documental serial, which appeared firstly on Animal Planet. The season premiere was on November in the year of 2016 and now the story continuation will be available. The Project Grizzly 2 Season release date is the 17th of December in the year of 2016.


Talking about the cast to that brilliant serial, we must name the only two people, who work a lot on it. They are:

  • Troy Hurtubise.
  • Peter Gzowski.

The director of the serial is Peter Lynch. Among the producers, we must name Michael Allder, Gerry Flahive, Louise Lore, Emmet Sheil. The music was written by Anne Bourne and Ken Myhr. The editor is Caroline Christie.
Project Grizzly Season 2 date release


In the center of the plot, you will see an exciting man with unusual work. His profession is so rare, that such people, like he, are not more, than 10. He is a bear trainer and he loves to do it so much. One day he realized, that bears, who rescued, must have the training so he uses his own skills in order to present the best results. All the reintroduced skills here are very interesting, so here you will see a lot of wilderness here.
Project Grizzly Season 2

In each new episode of the new season, Jeff tries to focus on different details, because his main aim is to get more information about the struggle between Screech and Bob. Here you will see the 700 grizzles, who try to survive in extraordinary conditions and Jeff helps this animal because he understands, how hard it is.


Such an unusual man with extraordinary skills will amaze you. He will present you his skills, so each person, who will see it, will be amazed. He trained them, like the ordinary people and each bear loves him. So, we can say, that he is the best trainer ever.
Project Grizzly Season 2

The new episode will be delightful and fantastic and you will have an opportunity to see that serial from the beginning until the end. The adorable plot and the big amount of vivacious moments – what will be better, than this? Besides, this show will be available both for children and adults, so you can watch it in the circle of your family or with the team of your lovely friends.

The season air date can be shown, when there is a necessity to underline the peculiarities of one or another serial.

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