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Today viewers are increasingly turning their attention to the television shows that tell of the wild. In the conditions of modern urbanization the public wants to know how to live different types of animals in their natural habitat. This opportunity is given to people by the project, which was launched recently at the world famous TV channel Animal Planet. After the audience watched a few episodes of this wonderful program, the majority of the viewers had questions concerning the fact when Project Grizzly season 2 will be renewed for the next season. Release date of the new episode hasn’t been officially announced yet, but its return on TV and new season air date are being awaited, and its coming would please many lovers of wildlife.

Authors of the Show

Project Grizzly Season 2 Promo
The first season start took place on November 12, 2016. The series consists of 6 parts and is directed by Myles Reiff, an American producer and writer.
The developers and producers of Project Grizzly are the following ones:

  • Kurt Tondorf;
  • Keith Hoffman;
  • Colin King Miller;
  • Aengus James.

The cast doesn’t include many actors; the main character besides grizzly bears is Jeff Watson, a daring explorer.
The company distributing the show and responsible for its second season release date is This Is Just a Test.

Plot Review

Project Grizzly Season 2 Spoiler
At first glance it may seem that Project Grizzly is quite a common and standard project about wildlife, but it is not so. The series not only tells about these animals, it displays the amazing work being done by Jeff Watson, training and taming these dangerous and unpredictable predators and helping them. Small rescued cubs, which grew up without adults can not adapt to their natural environment by themselves. Jeff teaches already matured grizzly to hunt and survive without human assistance.
The program is full of cute and exciting moments and will certainly be appreciated by those who love to watch for wild animals.

Audience Rating and Prospects for Continuation

Thanks to Jeff Watson’s experience and an interesting format of broadcasting the series is a real success among the public. The season premiere had a demo rating of 0.17 and was watched by about 732,000 people around the world. Finale episodes had a lower rating, but that doesn’t mean that the show has lost its popularity. There is still no an exact schedule of episodes of season two, so stay tuned to be the first to find out all the necessary details of an upcoming program.


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