Pretty. Strong. Season 2

Oxygen Media decided to add some freshness to the list of entertaining programs and launched Pretty. Strong. – a documentary-reality TV project created with participation of gorgeous fit young women, the members of Legends Football League. This league was created especially for women and this American project shows that attractive ladies are not gentle flowers with feeble petals starving for care and attention. They are strong, stubborn, wild and self-consistent. They know what they want and they manage to get to their aims as fast as strong men do.

The Women on the Field

Pretty. Strong. follows the lives of eight women. It demonstrates their professional skills and the way they combine their sport and professional parts of life together. Here’s the list of the participants:
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Alli Alberts – easy-going and free spirited. She’s the wildest one in the team. Also she’s a dentist. She was a perfect athlete at college playing volleyball and running tracks at Washington University situated in St. Louis. These years finished and she started missing those sporty challenges.  Now he decided to almost fully dedicate to life to sport, which put her dentist career at stake. If one day she injures her fingers, she’ll lose too much. She received her competitive drive from her parents and is known to be the most supportive person in the team.  She’s a real beauty and very sensitive.
Jamie Barwick – Her coach is afraid that she has got to the top and to the finishing point of her football career. However, Jamie knows that one small step keeps her away from being sacked from the team. Sport helps her get rid of stress and new recruits in the team make her feel weak. She’s single, she’s got a loving son Jamie and he’s also in the beginning of his football career. She’s split in two by family life and love affairs and football. She also works in Pharmaceutical business and controls the financial troubles of her family all alone. She has to choose something that she’s ready to give up, cause it’s extremely hard to keep everything under control.
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Deena Fagiano – Was a cheerleader some time ago. One day she started playing football and simply can’t stop though her coach feels worried about her competitive skills. She’s very social and universally liked. However, she’s a bit careless and needs to concentrate more and change her attitude to the sport she has chosen as career.
Heather Furr – A leader on the field and one of the top players in the team. She’s got six siblings and her family is blended. She always tried to look perfect for her parents. She has always been loved and supported which made her become a perfectionist in everything she does. She’s not only a football player, but a personal trainer. She is a bit spontaneous and mad about football life. Nevertheless, she also has romantic and family affairs to regulate. Will she be strong enough for that?
Among other participants are ChrisDell Harris, Nneka Nwani, Yashi Rice and CHantell Taylor. Get to the official Oxygen website for more info on these wonderful women!
Pretty. Strong. Season 2 Cast

Release Date Info

There’s no officially approved info about the renewal of the project. The first season concluded on the 24th of November 2015 and the plans for the future of Pretty. Strong. are quite vague, though the feedback was generally positive.


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