Preachers` Daughters Season 4

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General Overview

It’s an American TV project that started airing in March 2013 on Lifetime Channel. The premiere episode of the second season was broadcast on the 5th of March, 2014. Two new families joined the project. The 3rd season got back to American TV screens on the 23rd of January with two new families in the cast. The Colemans, the Elliots, and the Koloffs decided not to participate in the 3rd season. Preachers’ Daughters TV series ended up as a reality project filming girls living in one house and following their religious life rules.

The Cast and the Plot

Preachers’ Daughters show follows everyday life of teen girls trying to lead a typical teenage life being a part of a Christian family with certain traditions and restrictions. They pass through life’s tests having their ups and downs with their parents, friends, boyfriends and their Christian values.
The cast:

  • Megan Cassidy (18 yr.)
  • Tyche Crockett (22 yr.)
  • Nikki Efimetz (19 yr.)
  • Kristiana Flowers (18 yr.)
  • Jayde Gomez (20 yr.)
  • Kori Haynes (22 yr.)
  • Cierra Vaughn (22 yr.)
  • Lolly White (24 yr.)
  • Kayla Wilde (20 yr.)

Preachers' Daughters Season 4 Promo

Season 4 Release Date

Preacher’s Daughters is extremely popular not only among people of Christian faith. It simply shows that all of us are human beings that can act the same no matter what the age and religion says. The ratings are quite promising.
Unfortunately, there’s no info on the upcoming 4th season of the project. Stay connected in case if you know more. Share your news in the comments down below.


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