Power & Ice Season 2

In rough weather conditions, the participants of this real life show are doing their important work of keeping the lights and power on. The series is new and waits still for the resumption for the second installment. So, stay tuned if you are following this project.

General info

The series under discussion is a new portion of exciting and heart-pounding shows broadcasted on the History Channel in the United States.
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The documentary in its nature, the series turn to revive around workers on whom the supplying the nation with the lights and power hinges.
The series is produced for the channel by the company entitled “Tricon Films & Television”.
The release of the first chapter was held in the previous August. This debut turns to be now the latest one.

What is the theme for depiction?

If you want to feel adrenaline distributing along your body through veins, you just need to watch this series, as here you will be fortunate to penetrate into the working process of people who are to keep the lights and power on under very harsh circumstances. Thus, if not them, the nation will be not be supplied with electric power.
The story is set in Alaska and revolves specifically around Alaskan Line Builders in Big Lake, Electric Power Constructors in Wasilla and City Electric in Anchorage. They work with each day coming. Holidays and rest are not for them as they should restore electric lines working even during double shifts. Thus, their work is exhausting and needs much strength from this brave men.
The premiere and so far the latest cycle is centering on a few principal members of the company crew — the owner, general foreman, foreman, lineman, or apprentice.
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Audience response

The series was accepted with flying flowers right with the release of the first episodes. The show has tackled the interest of the auditory due to the very theme as it depicts the rare and dangerous occupations. The project provides us with an idea that we should evaluate what comforts we have as they are the result of the scrupulous and dangerous work of common people.
The scoring on various websites, however, not so promising. IMDb offers only 5.3 points out of 10. This is an average number that does not coincide with the level of viewership. And now let’s get to the issues of chances of the series resumption.

Renewal predictions

The predictions are such that the second part should come out finally in the future but with a considerable delay much to our regret. We hold the opinion that the developers still have other ideas to bring them to life while creating the second part of the project.
The Power & Ice season 2 release date remains so far unknown surely and there is no wondering why. Nevertheless, we should be ready to receive any kind of news at any moment now as the resumption is felt to be around the corner. Keep your eyes open, follow our service and you will in the course of events happening to this project always.


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