Portrait Artist of the Year Season 3

The series under the title “Portrait Artist of the Year” is already revived for the third chapter due to high ratings garnered while broadcasting this project on Sky Arts. The debut date is yet to be announced. We monitor the news for you. Thus, stay tuned with us and you will be notified timely about any changes no matter they are either sad or inspiring, we will deliver it to you immediately.

Brief review

The series is considered to be a British show in the form of a competition. The broadcast is held on the Sky Arts channel in both the UK and Ireland.

The competition comes to be fabricated by StoryVault Films with the team of executives spearheaded by Danielle Graham.
The premiere of the first episodes was held on 2013. The second one premiered in 2014 and included eight episodes. The following year introduced another show, the spin-off entitled Landscape Artist of the Year. So, in the preceding year, there was no expecting the release of the third chapter.
The current amount of season equals two only but we are already expecting the release of the third installment.

What are the host and the concept?

The hosts of the show are named here Joan Bakewell and Frank Skinner. They travel across the country in order find a new start in the world of art. No matter, either you are a professional or an amateur in art, only your talent is to be judged by the special panel.
The winner of the second part of this competition among artists is considered to be Christian Hook. He was awarded a ?10k commission to paint actor Alan Cumming
In 2015, this series was turned into a new one entitled as “Landscape Artist of the Year”. Joan Bakewell and Frank Skinner were reprising their roles as hosts. The panel of judges consisted of the same names including Tai Shan Schierenberg, Kathleen Soriano, and Kate Bryan.
Portrait Artist of the Year Season 3 Promo
What should be also mentioned is that the competition show has been shot in collaboration with the National Trust with a variety of charity’s famous properties and locations

When can we expect the premiere of the already confirmed third chapter?

The series’ third premiere is something that is already defined and taken for granted. So, it will be released come rain or shine. Moreover, the ratings are making us believe that the story is aiming at becoming a settler on its home channel. On IMDb, this scoring comprises 7.8 points out of 10 that is more than just average.
Nevertheless, the developers are so far tight-lipped about such story details as the Portrait Artist of the Year season 3 release date. Consequently, much attention now should be given to the following of the situation with this project. We monitor the updates of posts on Facebook and Twitter official accounts of the developers.
Stay tuned with us and you will be notified timely about any changes no matter they are either sad or inspiring, we will deliver it to you immediately.



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