Port Protection Season 3

Will you manage to survive living in harsh conditions of the Alaskan weather? The National Geographic shows how to accomplish this, launching another reality survival show. The second installment has been already released and we wait for the confirmation of the third cycle.

A Portion of Main Info

Port Protection is a new brand reality show on the National Geographic channel. The first debut is dated back to the previous year. Then the second installment was confirmed and in April 2016, it appeared on screens.
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The show is created by Life Below Zero and revolves around the life on the isolated Prince of Wales Island in Alaska. The narration is presented by Jeffrey Johnson. The rest of the star cast includes the names of Timothy ‘Curly’ Leach, Sam Carlson, Gary Muehlberger, Hans Porter, Timbi Porter, Mary Miller, Stuart Andrews, and some others.

Following the Lives of Port Protection Inhabitants

The fate is merciless to those inhabitants of Port Protection, as they live in harsh Alaskan conditions. Their homeland has magnificent landscapes yet this beauty is what they should pay for. What is the price? Free from all bureaucratic moments of the modern life, they are proposed to live in this remote area of Alaska surrounded by merciless, ruthless, and cold seas.
They need to hunt for food, build their shelters on their own using the available materials. It is hard to survive if you live separately from the community. All members of this community should unite their powers always in order to keep going.

Excellent Results and Good Chances of Renewal

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The series has turned to become one of the most audience beloved shows on National Geographic that touch the theme of survival in Alaska. The variety of them is magnificent this year and there is some risk that it will be too much for watchers.
The viewership of the freshman installment constituted average 0.7 million watchers. The score on IMDb equals 8.3 points out of 10. The reviewers note that this show is a rare example of high-quality fabrication. The abundance of the shows of such kind includes practically the similar project with the same ideas. Yet this one is considered to be an original one. The cinematography is excellent with fast-paced action and real characters.
Concluding from all the above-mentioned regarding the situation with ratings, the series is intended to become a long-running settler on National Geographic. So far, there has been no news that touch the series renewal for the third installment. Port Protection season 3 release date has not been exposed.
What are your personal impressions from watching the available two seasons? Is the show the best one among those that depict the survival in harsh Alaskan conditions, according to your opinion? Let us know your thoughts by means of commenting on below the article! Stay tuned with us, as info about the resumption can be much nearer than you expect!



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