Port Protection Season 2

Wild territories of Alaska hidden from the majority of the inhabitants, harsh living conditions and low temperatures – all this the audience of a well-known reality show Port Protection is waiting for. The continuation of the series will again be presented on a famous and beloved National Geographic Channel. The question that worried most of the audience after the end of season 1 is as follows: is Port Protection coming back for season 2? Release date of the renewed series has recently been announced, so the public is going to see new adventures, difficulties and challenges that face brave researchers of this wild region. The coming of the continuation is being awaited quite soon: the next season air date is scheduled for April 18, 2016, when all the conventions will be solved.

Series Creators and Cast

The show was first released on July 19, 2015, and since then 10 episodes were released (each new episode lasts about 42 – 45 minutes).
Port Protection Season 2 date release

The production of the series is carried out by a large crew of professionals, and the most remarkable of them are such as:

  • Matt Powers;
  • Travis Shakespeare;
  • Jane Tranter;
  • David Newsom;
  • Chris Kugelman and others.

The narrator is Jeffrey Johnson, a well-known American actor.
Port Protection Season 2

The cast of the program are ordinary people living on Prince of Wales Island which is situated in Alaska. The most vivid personalities revealed in the series are:

  • Timothy “Curly” Leach;
  • Gary Muehlberger;
  • Timbi Porter;
  • Sam Carlson;
  • Hans Porter and others.

The network responsible for the return of Port Protection on the screens and broadcasting the new season premiere is National Geographic

About the Series

The life of people away from the main civilization is what Port Protection demonstrates. Domestic problems faced by the participants of the reality show can seem insurmountable for most ordinary people, but the population of the island is not worried. Despite the harsh climate and remoteness from the mainland of the continent, these people are trying to establish their farms; they go hunting and fishing, build houses and explore their land without experiencing severe
discomfort. It may seem that their existence is like survival, but they have chosen this path themselves.
Port Protection Season 2

When new season is aired the public is likely to see new challenges these residents will face with and the ways they will struggle with them.

Viewers’ Feedbacks

The series has gained the audience’s love due to many factors. One of them is an interesting plot, which attracts more and more viewers. The proof of its popularity the show’s high rating on a respected site IMDB (8.3/10). The public appreciates its unique format and is eager to see the continuation.

The renewal is set for April 18, 2016, so stay tuned to be aware of all the changes in the schedule of the following season release date and get interesting facts about this exciting project first.

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