Playhouse Masters Season 2

The programs connected with repairs and renovations of houses and flats have always been very popular among the audience. The public likes to watch for the professionals creating something new and designers embodying the most unusual ideas. But a well-known show on television channel TLC “Playhouse Masters” has a slightly different purpose. Its main participants are the children, and experienced craftsmen build real playhouses of their dreams for them, pleasing not only the children but also their parents.
But today young viewers as well as all other fans of this popular project are concerned with one important question: when will “Playhouse Masters” season 2 premiere? Release Date hasn’t been announced yet, but both adults and children believe for the new season to be renewed and presented in a short time.
Playhouse Masters Season 2 Cast

Authors, Cast and Distributing Company

The first season premiere episode took place on August 23, 2016 on a famous American network TLC. The company distributing the series is High Noon Entertainment.
Two main hosts of the program are Tyson Leavitt and his wonderful wife Audrey Leavitt. They are the creators and at the same time the leading persons of “Playhouse Masters” who organized the whole process and came to the conclusion that children’s happiness is the best thing in the world. Their partners are such producers as Grant Julian, John Hein, Jim Berger and Matt Walker. Among other participants of the crew are Ayesha Curry and Stephen Curry.

Brief Review

The couple Tyson and Audrey decided to realize their long-ago dream. After selling the business they came to a conclusion to take a serious step, and their project has gained great popularity among many viewers. They are engaged in the construction of a variety of children’s houses including playhouses, treehouses and even doghouses. This Canadian couple is the true magicians who began to engage in this kind of work after one of their projects was seen at a local fair. The standard cost of the house built according to their project is about $ 7,500.
Playhouse Masters Season 2 Spoiler
Among Leavitt’s clients there are many famous people who also apply for the couple with the same request as others do: to please their child with an unusual and extraordinary playhouse. So the second season air date is being awaited all over the world.

Ratings and Expectations

Despite rather positive plot a small part of the audience still expressed their dissatisfaction, fearing that the children who saw the construction process may want to create a similar house, which can be dangerous.
While talking about “Playhouse Masters” rating the figures are as follows:

  • the first new episode was watched by 0.561 million viewers, and its demo-rating was 0,18;
  • the final episode was being awaited with less interest and was watched by only 0.347 million viewers with 0,1 demo-rating.

The producers still haven’t given any information about season two. The new season release date is supposed to be presented soon enough, and the fans hope for soon return of “Playhouse Masters” and its coming on their screens.


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