Planet`s Got Talent Season 3

Garnering the most impressive performances from all versions in the extremely successful Got Talent franchise, the series comes to be another addition to the whole set. The clips shown are chosen specifically in order to remind us that our planet is full of talented people.
Thames and Syco Entertainment are the companies behind the production. On a side note, they are responsible for British variant of Got Talent. Two seasons available now comprise six episodes each.  The freshman season release date is reckoned January 17, 2016, on the ITV channel in the United Kingdom. Amazing Warwick Davis narrates the show.
Planet's Got Talent Season 3 Poster
Among the members of the cast, let’s name the following ones:

  • Susan Boyle,
  • Dawn French,
  • Geri Horner,
  • Kiron Kher,
  • Sharon Osbourne,
  • Howard Stern and many others.

Among the Most Spectacular Performances

In the majority of cases, singing and dancing are the talents presented in front of judges. This is common for almost all versions included in this beloved franchise. Yet often, the untraditional skills are shown. Among them, we can distinguish an a Korean contestant who rubs wasabi and lemons right into his eye without any consequences, Indonesian man who can wash in boiling soup, and much more. All of them are set to flash awe in our souls or just entertain and make us burst with sincere laughing, in each new episode.

Bound to Success?

Planet's Got Talent Season 3 Spoiler
The origin of the project is so popular that this series seems to be doomed to success, as it unites the most spectacular, amazing, and unforgettable moments from the entire franchise. This cannot but tackle the audience interest. But is everything so great, in fact?
As already two seasons have been launched, the series should be noted for a considerable audience. The series has proved that it has got its own appeal and charm. Consequently, the project is much likely to be renewed for the third season premiere.

Undetermined Future

When will the new season air date be exposed finally? So far nothing has been revealed even with regard to the future of this compelling show. The chances of the revival are good. We should keep waiting for the official resumption and the appearance of the Planet’s Got Talent season 3 release date. Stay tuned with us in order to be notified about any changes in time!


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