Pitch Slapped Season 2

The Lifetime channel is still expected to make the Pitch Slapped season 2 premiere date clear. The resumption has not been confirmed yet it is time to do this. Keep your nose to the wind, as info is around the corner.

New Musical Competition

Pitch Slapped is fresh competition show on Lifetime where the contestants are musicians. The first season air date was January 2016. The freshman season premiere included eight episodes with the volume of one hour each.
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The fabrication is due to three companies including Studio Lambert Associates, All2Media America, and InsomniaTV. The cast is executives is composed of the names of Stephen Lambert, Glenn Schubert, Greg Goldman, Mary Donahue, Eli Lehrer, and Coleen Conway Grogan.

As for the Concept and Cast Members

The participants of the show are the a cappella singing. The series reminds the hit show entitled as Pitch Perfect. There are two teams on the show from high school in New Jersey. They come to be trained two professionals, each for one team. This special crew of coaches has been gathered for the purpose of raising new stars in the vocal singing.
Each episode that is released each week features the rounds of competition where the participants are eliminated. Thus, only a few of them will reach the point of the finale. The championship is to be obtained only by the best one.
Who are these coaches? In the freshman season premiere, there are were such coaches as:

  • Deke Sharon working with Stay Tuned from Cherry Hill High School;
  • Diana Preisler coaching The Voices from Allendale High School.

What are Ratings and Chances of Renewal?

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Speaking frankly, the series ratings are not so impressive as they might be expected. Nevertheless, it is warm and rather healthy to speak further about the resumption for season 2.
The viewership was 0.7 million watchers during the release of the pioneer episode. Then a slight increase was noted for the broadcast. The target audience of the show in the face of teenagers has been attracted, thus.
As for the general view, the series is perceived as an exciting competition where the intensity is an integral part of the real-life narration. What is your personal point-of-view towards this program? Is it worth its further resumption or not? Do not lose a chance to leave you comment below the post! We would appreciate this much!

When Will the Channel Expose Data of New Episodes?

Taking into account that the first and the latest premiere has been held in January, the second one can be scheduled for the start of 2017 as well. So far, nothing has been heard from developers; they are still to render the verdict. As chances of the renewal are high, there is essence in waiting for the Pitch Slapped season 2 release date.
Stay tuned with us and you will be notified about any changes in the situation with your favorite shows, serials, games, and feature movies.


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