Pit Bulls & Parolees Season 8

Animal Planet is mostly famous for its realities and documentaries. This time is not an exception. Pit Bulls & Parolees has passed through seven successful seasons with a total number of a hundred episodes 42 minutes each. The premiere episode of this reality series was released on the 30th of October 2009. This American series was produced by Lisa Lucas and Rasha Drachkouitch. It features on of the biggest pit bull animal shelters in the USA.

Pit Bulls

Pit bulls are constantly willing to please, staying faithful and enthusiastic devoted friends for a lifetime. They are wonderful friends for kids and it’s scientifically proved by a number of canine organizations. It’s actually true. However, most of the people believe them to be aggressive and full of unpredictable danger. Society mostly feels fear about Pit Bulls having no idea about their real nature. The series is destined to prove that these dogs are a lot more than a symbol of wild aggression.
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Pit bulls were many times ranked American’s top five favorite pet animals. They are often called “nannies” for their gentle character and calm behavior. For some unknown reason pit bulls had fallen from grace. These dogs are able to protect their owners, they are very strong and these characteristics are often associated with dog fighting, severe attacks, making pit bulls misunderstood and misjudged. these dogs are, unfortunately, under-appreciated. The biggest misleading opinion is to call them killer dogs threatening to the society. Most dogs are considered to be man’s best friends, but people decided not to give more chances to pit bulls.
This project is destined to show off the real truth about pit bulls.


The filming is done in New Orleans where Villalobos Rescue Center is situated. Earlier the show was filmed in Agua Dulce, California. This place is the largest center for pit bulls in the United States of America. This place has about four hundred dogs rescued from tough circumstances.
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Tia Torres

She’s the founder of the organization and top pit bull trainer in the country. She was the one who founded the rehabilitation center with a number of facilities for pit bulls. She helps the dogs in troubles get back to normal fighting with the disapproval of the society. She rescues and retrains dozens of dogs every year. She manages to make bad boys into friendly devoted fellows.

Release Date Info

What makes this series unique and appealing is the mix of dramatic and sweet moments with ill-natured dogs becoming better thanks to determination and energy of the hostess. The release date is unknown but we’re sure the project is getting back on our TV screens next year due to the high ratings and positive reviews.



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