People Magazine Investigates Season 2

To uncover the secrets of mysterious accidents and provide answers to many questions the creators of the show People Magazine Investigates decided, when recently have presented their new project on the channel Investigation Discovery. In this series a team of experts in different fields carry out serious work on restoration of certain events, which once upon excited America and remained unsolved. The first part of this program has not yet ended, but among the issues that have emerged from the audience of the show, the most common is the following one: when will People Magazine Investigates season 2 be launched? Release date of the next part is still shrouded in mystery, but according to finale surveys its coming is being strongly awaited, so the new episode of the renewed series is likely to debut in 2017.

Creators Crew

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The new season premiere started on November 7, 2016. This part is believed to include ten one-hour episodes, which are to finish by the end of 2016.
The crew of executive producers who daily work on the program developing it contains the following professional filmmakers:

  • Brandon Hill;
  • Chad Itskowitz;
  • Emily Snyder;
  • Donnie Echar.

The production studio responsible for the return of People Magazine Investigates on the screen is Radley Studios; the network which is going to present all the air dates of the project and in particular the next season release date is Investigation Discovery.

About the Show

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Each episode of this serious program tells about ten different stories related to criminal cases. Some of these cases are known to the public as the crimes that have remained unsolved. Among the stories told in the series are mysterious disappearance of people, bloody murders committed by maniacs and many others. The cast of the project make efforts to find out all the details of these strange cases and is going to share with the viewers their opinions and materials they have manage to collect.
When new part of the series has been released, the public will certainly watch new mysterious crimes and the ways the specialist are going to use to solve them.

Show Rating and Chances for Renewal

The premiere of People Magazine Investigates was watched by the audience of about 0.96 million, and its demo-rating was of 0.26. On a well-known and respected website IMDB the rating of the series is a 7.7/10 score, and this is rather good result for a documentary program. The following season air date hasn’t been mentioned yet, so stay tuned not to miss important data and the schedule of upcoming episodes on Investigation Discovery.


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