Payday Season 2

Today not often one can find programs that do not just make the review of the economic situation, but talk about the methods of earnings and studying global trends and the most profitable areas of personal development. This show appeared on the famous TV channel Viceland, and today it has become very popular among a wide variety of audiences. The public is wondering if the creators will renew Payday for season 2 and when release date of the next new episode will be presented. The coming season premiere hasn’t been launched yet, but the renewed series is sure to return in case it has a lot of positive feedbacks and high rating.

Series Creation

The first season air date was set for November 12, 2016. This series consists 8 episodes each lasting about one hour.
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The host of the project is Rollie Pemberton, a young rapper from Canada.
The crew of executive producers is responsible for the selection of the cast and distributing the show on TV. Among these professionals are the following personalities:

  • Eddy Moretti;
  • Shane Smith;
  • Tania Natscheff;
  • Michael Kronish;
  • Spike Jonze;
  • Patrick Mcguire.

The channel broadcasting Payday is widely known Viceland; this network is sure to release the second season release date.

About the Show

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The new season of the show so unaccustomed to the viewers tells about the study of certain stages of economic development of a certain city. The tellers base their ideas on the data for a very long period of time. Modern financial issues faced by people have their own specifics and explanation. The program tells about the methods of earnings and offers a variety of options for obtaining money on specific examples.
Among the cities that the participants of the show have already visited are Baltimore, Houston, Salt Lake Chita, Toronto and others.

Chances for Possible Continuation

The schedule of Payday episodes of the current season is already known, and now the public is following with interest the events unfolding on the screen. According to finale reviews from the viewers the second season start is being awaited with great anticipation, because this program format is a rarity on today’s television. For getting exact information about when season two will debut stay tuned and be the first to find out all the interesting details and unusual facts related to an upcoming show.


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