Pawn Stars Season 13

The fate of the show that revolves around the shop owned by the Harrison family is still unknown. A considerable decline in ratings can imply the cancellation yet still, we are sure that the series has its potential. The series is broadcasted now in the form of season 13. Thus, let’s enjoy new episodes and keep a watchful eye on the updates.

Main Info about the Show

The History Channel programming list is full of its settlers. Among the variety of them, there is Pawn Stars, the reality show about the work of a pawnshop in Las Vegas. The latest premiere is dated back to this summer while the first one – yet to July 2009. The current amount of season equals thirteen with the latest one given a summer start this year. The reality show is created by executives working for Leftfield Entertainment.
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Following the Concept

The show follows the working business of the Harrison family. They own a Nevada World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. Its doors are open all day and night around.
What presents an actual interest is the communication with clients and personal relationships between those who work at that store, as well as owners.
The zest of the story is that much often, the local experts are invited to the show in order to appraise something that of a special value.

Viewership and Spinoffs

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The show could boast the high rating figures earlier. Moreover, it was referred to the top-rated shows on History Channel. The premiere episode garnered about 7.5 million watchers during the release. This led to signing a contract for four subsequent installments, which include 80 episodes in the whole.
The appearance on screens caused the increasing popularity of the Harrison family and their shop, specifically. The clientele became grower in ten times.
If a show turns to be prosperous enough, not only does he come to be renewed for the following installments but it gives birth also to other projects, the spinoffs. Well, considering this show, that is the very case. There are many of them, in fact, produced also by Leftfield Entertainment.
As for the current state of ratings, they are much less yet still enough for creating at least a couple of seasons. The viewership constitutes 2 million people and the whole rating is 0.46 in the 18-49 demographic.
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Current Season 13 and Series Future

So far, there has not been any news regarding the future of the project yet it is felt to be around the corner. Therefore, you should keep your ears out for updates if you are hungry for more specifics. Stay tuned with our service and you will be notified about any changes in the state of affairs with the project just in time.
The series is broadcasted in the shape of the thirteenth season now. The Pawn Stars season 13 release date is reckoned to be July 27, 2016. Let’s put aside the doubts regarding the series future so far and enjoy new episodes, as the season is available practically in its full.


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