Party Down South 2 Season 3

Party Down South 2 is a spin-off of Party Down South – a project released in January of 2014. Every new episode of the original series and of the spin-off was filmed with the participation of eight strangers in the cast learning to live with each other in one house. A spin-off was created and released in the USA. The release was carried out by CMT channel with the first season release date on the 20th of November 2014. Party Down South 2 season 3 release date is unknown.

Party Down South is a project that was earlier known as The Dirty South. That’s a reality TV series created by Jersey Shore together with 495 Production. Since its first release, it was filmed in various locations and states including South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, and Florida. Party Down South 2 was filmed in Florida and Mississippi.
Party Down South 2 Season 3 date release

The show follows lives of eight adults who must spend summer living together in one house, partying and trying to build relationships. In October of 2014, Party Down South was called one of the most popular projects ever released by CMT. This provoked the release of two more seasons of the original project and a spin-off consisting of two seasons called Party Down South 2.


  • Kelsie Davenport. Originates from Yellville, Arkansas. She’s always bad news because of her wild character and uncontrollable behavior with no confrontations.
  • Michael Duke. A good guy who’s always ready to give a hand when needed. A true party animal, but also a caring and faithful friend.
  • Party Down South 2 Season 3

  • Bradley Mitchell. He’s hardworking and sociable. He’s also sure that ladies are fond of him. Bradley is severely addicted to partying and dating.
  • Ashton Mosley. A daughter of a preacher. She’s fond of hunting and fishing. She’s often nicknamed Smashton because of her wild character and her tendency to burst out while going out and partying.
  • Hunter Robinson. He’s mad about fishing and drinking beer. He will never be able to stay asleep if there’s beer left in the fridge or in the keg.
  • Party Down South 2 Season 3

  • Raven Stein. Nicknamed Barbie for no specific reason. Always gets in trouble after drinking. Creates the most of drama on the project constantly attracting everyone’s attention.
  • Tommy Theis. He’s a firefighter who’s truly devoted to sports and healthy lifestyle. Does his best to impress ladies with his perfect fit body and strong muscles.
  • Karynda Worcester. A cute girl whose addictions are beer and partying. She’s definitely a non-typical girl fond of hanging out with guys.

3rd Season Air Date

CMT keeps silent about the future fate of the project. We will tell you more when the producers of the show announce more news and hints in the official media of the show.

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