Paranormal Witness Season 5

The Syfy channel made an announcement as far back as in the previous year that its long-running project about paranormals would be resumed in the future making the fans of the show sure that they wouldn’t be left without the new portion of episodes. With the exact launch gate unknown, it is highly recommended to keep in the know together with our service.


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Paranormal Witness makes for the US docuseries following the witnesses of the paranormal creatures’ existence. The serial is created by two persons named Bart Latyton and Dimitri Doganis.
The show is long-running being released since autumn 2011. Now the fans of stories that make their bodies shiver are in possession of 4 complete chapters. The most recent one saw the light in the previous summer. Moreover, the title of the story was a little bit changed to “Paranormal Witness: True Terror”. The developers seem to be dissatisfied with the already terrifying effect which the serial is producing adding the tail to the original name spicing the things up in such a way.
As for the amount of episodes in each chapter, it constitutes 13, an unlucky and mysterious number. Isn’t it already spooky?  There is no hesitating in making a conclusion that it has been made for a certain purpose.
The serial comes to its loyal following on such channel as Syfy. The broadcast comes to be also held in the UK on the TV network called Really and Watch.
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What does the unscripted story follow?

The title of the show is, in fact, the very theme of the project. It enlarges upon the supernatural witness. Paranormal creatures cannot be explained as you know from the scientific point-of-view though it doesn’t run counter to the fact that they doesn’t exist. At least, there is ground to state that we cannot make conclusions about the inexistence of these being till proving the negative.
The latest season, for instance, follows the family who has purchased a house that had been hosted by a serial murderer. In this particular house, quite unnatural events take place. While investigating this paranormal case, some terrifying details are unfolded. So the show is not for people with a heart condition as the very idea of the project is to prove to its watchers that we are not alone in this world. And if we cannot see something, it doesn’t, in fact, imply that it doesn’t exist.
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Renewal issues

Basing on the popularity of the show which is on a high level, there was no doubting that the serial would return next year. And these expectations came true with the announcement coming straight from the horse’s mouth.
The thing was that the serial was scheduled for renewal in the following 2016. There was an official order from the home channel for the fifth chapter. But since then there was no concrete word concerning the Paranormal Witness season 5 release date, unfortunately. That’s why there is a great essence in following news that we are monitoring every day to keep you in the know.


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