Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour Season 2

The series referred to as Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour serves as a new addition to the list of projects airing on History Channel. The one and the only heavy metal star Ozzy Osbourne and his son Jack are at the center of the real-life story. The first season release date is dated back to July 2016. The amount of parts constitutes nine with the volume of each one equaling the entire hour.
Two companies are involved in the production – Osbourne Media and T Group Productions. The executive crew includes:
Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour Season 2 Poster

  • Jack Osbourne,
  • Jenny Daly,
  • Peter Glowski,
  • Greg Johnston,
  • Matt Ginsburg,
  • Rob Lobi.

As for the Concept and the List of Places for Explorations

The pivotal personalities of the show are Ozzy Osbourne and his son Jack, as they embark on exploring the historical places all over the world. They have been thinking of this undertaking for years. So now, it is time to make everything come true.
In order to obtain deep knowledge of the explored places and events that happened there in the past, the hosts of the show  meet the experts in the field of history.
Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour Season 2 Promo
What are these places? In the freshman installment, we visited such ones as The Alamo, Stonehenge, Roswell, Mt. Rushmore, Sun Studios, and The Jamestown Settlement among others.

Audience Feedback

Is a new episode of season two deserves its launch? Let’s see this in rating figures. In fact, the tireless personality of Ozzy cannot but attract the audience – here the developers have had the right sow by the ear. The feedback is high, as the freshman season air date has been noted for about 1 million watchers gathered in front of screens to behold the journeys of Ozzy and his son with their own eyes.
The ratings have increased for the rest of episodes achieving 1.3 million viewers per episode. The scores on aggregator websites are impressive. Just on IMDb, it equals 8.7 points out of 10.
Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour Season 2 Cast
The renewal potential as healthier than for other project broadcast on the channel, for the audience, has lacked in that rock-n-roll flair on television. And here, it has got it. Moreover, the series conveys the idea of retaining family values in our souls meanwhile becoming educated following the journey of the main characters around the globe. The renewal is only a matter of time now, thus. However, when can it be confirmed? What is your personal attitude to the project? Are you satisfied with it?

No Info as for Cycle 2

So far, the series has not been commissioned for the second season premiere. Yet we have nothing to worry about until the next year. The appearance of news is scheduled for 2017, supposedly.
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