Outlaw Chronicles: Hells Angels Season 2

Especially for the followers of motorcycles, the reality documentary entitled “Outlaw Chronicles: Hells Angels” was created. The focus here is specifically the notorious Hells Angels motorcycle gang. The series is new so far and since the last August has been waiting for the renewal announcement.

General description

Outlaw Chronicles is a regular addition to the programming list of the History channel in the USA consisting of mainly TV shows.
Outlaw Chronicles: Hells Angels Season 2 Poster
The documentary by the genre, Outlaw Chronicles: Hells Angels is aiming at showing us the life of the members of the notorious Hells Angels motorcycle gang.
The first installment was opened on its home channel in the preceding August. This pioneer chapter comes to be so far the latest one. The announcement about the renewal has not come yet. The current amount of chapters is six with the duration of each one constituting the entire hour.

What is going on in this reality show?

The mysteries of the most secretive motorcycle gangs in the world called “Hells Angels” are to be exposed in this very TV show not accounting that the revenge can be taken for talking. The thing is that according to tradition, even the former angels cannot reveal info about this organization. But it is not stopping one of them sharing data with us.
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So a former angel is going to bare all facts starting from initiation rites to murder for hire. The rules of this gang are also exposed. So be prepared for shocking yet exciting truth connected with drugs, violence, and alcohol.

How is the series appreciated by the audience?

We have no formal numbers delivered by the producers of the home channel for the series but we can conclude from the info available on various websites that is garnering voices and commentaries towards the abundance of shows, serials, and movies. So on IMDb, the rating constitutes 7.8 points out of 10. Just this figure implies that we are dealing with a successful project indeed. Therefore, the series is worth its further production. But let’s take a look at the current situation.

When can we expect the emergence of news regarding this project?

Outlaw Chronicles: Hells Angels Season 2 Cast
The state of things remains as unknown since the developers are not in a hurry to expose info regarding the show renewal for the second chapter.
The Outlaw Chronicles: Hells Angels season 2 release date cannot be now exposed by us also much to the regret of all of you whose interest has been already tackled by this show.
So what will be the developers’ next decision? Is the story destined to be canceled or resumed? Are there more secrets of this notorious club to be exposed in the second installment? These questions cannot leave us, as we are anxious to follow a fresh portion of episodes.
In any case, we have nothing to do now but to arm ourselves with much patience in order to wait until official data concerning this project emerge. Let’s hope that it will appear as soon as possible.


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